Here's Proof That Heidi Klum Is Practically Pefect

Heidi Klum is undoubtedly one of the world's most famously beautiful super models. As her career demands, she's basically slathered in makeup at every photoshoot she does. However, Heidi Klum's makeup-free photo posted to Instagram today proves that the beauty looks good with or without all the cosmetics.

Makeup-free selfies are definitely one of the biggest celebrity trends of the year. With huge names like Lady Gaga, Diane Kruger, and queen of the "sans makeup" look, Demi Lovato, posting photos of themselves without cosmetic assistance, it seems that this trend isn't losing any steam. The #IWokeUpLikeThis movement—as I like to call it— is a fantastic reminder that contouring, fake lashes, and brow filler are used to enhance our favorite celebrities' natural beauty. They're not actually the real deal.

Klum's gorgeous no makeup selfie was accompanied by another image of her post-cosmetics application, and the change is intense, but still gorgeous. The model's skin is contoured to perfection. Her eyes feature a dramatic — and awesome — cat eye for which I'm dying to see a tutorial. Then, there's her perfectly filled in brows and glossy nude lip. While the stunner looks beautiful in both images, her sans makeup look proves that she, like all women, is perfect with or without enhancement, and we should all work to embrace our no makeup selves.

Images: Heidi Klum/Insatgram (2)