'Arrow' Spoilers Reveal Major Destruction Ahead

by Alice Walker

Arrow fans buckle up, we are headed into the last five episodes of Season 3, and we all know what that means: things are about to get real. If the last two seasons have been any indication, the last stretch of episodes will bring nothing but an increase in my anxiety and a lot of feelings on Twitter. We’ve already seen some delicious Arrow Season 3 spoilers and while I want to put on blinders and just focus on the Olicity goodness that lies ahead, we've got some mayhem to prepare for. Whether we want to believe it or not, it looks like one of Arrow’s major characters will die before the season is up, and that may not even be the biggest twist. Oliver Queen is looking set for some major transformations that may just change the Arrow world we love so much.

The small amount of bright side here? We will be getting all five episodes in a row over the next five weeks— The CW isn't trying to space these out over two months. I'm certainly relived to know that, because a cliffhanger a week is stressful enough, without adding weeks of speculation between (who am I kidding? I’ll still be here with crazy theories regardless of time). So while we anxiously await the latest episode, let’s take a look at the evidence for the inevitable Arrow season finale death and destruction that’s coming our way.

A Key Character Is Missing From The Cast Photo

Sure, this could be a fakeout. Producer Marc Guggenheim has to be aware of the hubbub swirling around about an upcoming death, and Roy is the odds-on favorite to be the one to go. I don’t think it was an accident that he wasn't included in the cast photo from the final table read, but it certainly doesn't make things look good for Roy Harper. If he lives to see Season 4, I will be completely shocked — and happy, I’d miss those cheekbones!

The Episode Titles Reveal A Lot

Let’s take a quick look at Arrow’s episode titles. Coming up we’ve got "Broken Arrow," which will be the Roy-jailtbreak. (I’m holding out the smallest bit of hope Christian Slater will show up for a really meta Broken Arrow appearance — it could happen!) Then we’re looking at “The Fallen” and “Al Sah-him”, which seem like we’re back in the League of Assassins/Oliver going away forever territory. But, that’s all followed with “This Is Your Sword” — yet another penultimate episode named after a Bruce Springsteen song. I am taking this as a very good sign, though he’s likely still in Assassin-land here, since they seem very sword-focused. Regardless of weapon, all of these titles seem pretty primed for some major fighting, carnage and very likely death. If the last few episodes are focused on fighting off the league, I'm not so sure that Nyssa is safe either.

His Name Says It All

The final episode, and the best sign of them all that this season will end on a more positive note then it started on, is its title, "My Name Is Oliver Queen.” You read that in the intro-voice, didn’t you? This title says a lot. I think it indicates that Oliver figured out a way to escape the League (otherwise it would have been titled: “No For Real Real My Name Is Al Sah-him”) and makes it back to Starling City. I am also optimistic that this means they will be resolving the season long arc of if Oliver Queen can be both a person and the vigilante. It’s been an interesting journey, but I’m looking forward to some resolution and maybe, just maybe, a less broody Oliver?

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy; joelmchale/Tumblr