Emma Watson's Brows Are Permanently On Fleek

Sure, she might be a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, an award-winning actress, and a generally beneficent feminist being, but it also just so happens that Emma Watson has some on fleek eyebrows that just won't quit. While the former qualities are what the actress (rightfully) is known for, isn't it time we celebrate those brows? They've been a focal point of her look since Watson first stepped on the scene as formidable know-it-all (and prototypical feminist icon in her own right) Hermione Granger, winning hearts with her perfect pronunciation, mop of unruly hair (which every pre-pubescent girl could relate to), and a pair of dark, full brows that were bold for days.

Cara Delevingne may be the world renowned brow queen, but long before she was even thinking about setting foot on the catwalk, Watson was showing us all how it's really done. As someone who has struggled with her own dark, unruly set of brows, I am constantly impressed by Watson's ability to expertly handle her own. She never seems to worry about random hairs springing up out of nowhere, her eyebrows getting pushed up in a mad scientist kind of way, or the feeling that they're slowly taking over her entire forehead, all of which is way more than I can say about myself.

So, in an attempt to learn from Emma's inimitable brow game, and celebrate a quarter of a century of fleek-ness (the actress just turned 25), I've gathered together a few of her finest moments below. Dear Hermione, please teach us whatever magic spell made those brows so fierce. Sincerely, the rest of the world.

1. Fleek Through the Years

2. Beauty and the Brows

3. High Fashion Brow

4. Before and After Brows

5. College Graduation Brows

6. Pin-up Brows

7. Eyebrow Hug

8. Oscar-Worthy Brows

9. Icon Brows