8 Reasons MTV Needs To Retire The Movie Awards

I don't know if you tuned in to the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend or not, but we need to talk about them. Actually, you know what? I won't play coy with this, because I do know whether you watched the show on Sunday. Unless you were home sick or are an MTV employee or one of the people receiving an actual award that night, you didn't watch the show. And I know that, because nobody did. By and large, people were doing other things on Sunday than holding their breath to see who won "Best Scared As S**t Moment" or took home the award for achievements in shirtless prowess.

And that's OK! Maybe it's time to embrace the fact that viewership has been dropping steadily and instead of trying to fight it, just pull the show altogether. I know it sounds crazy, but MTV seems to be funneling a lot of money into this thing, and based on the numbers we're seeing this week, post-broadcast, it doesn't seem like they're getting much of a payoff. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, it just seems like the move that would make the most sense is to call it a day. And in case you aren't on board with that yet, I've come up with eight reasons proving my point. Since you're being obstinate.

It's Poorly Rated

You know those numbers I talked about earlier? Well they're very real. This year's broadcast was down for the second year in a row, from 2.8 million, which was already considered low in 2014, to a rock-bottom 1.55 million in 2015. Yikes.

There Are Already Too Many Award Shows

WE AS A NATION NEED TO COOL IT. You're all very deserving of awards, but enough is enough.

If Amy Schumer Can't Save You, No One Can

For real though.

Bragging About The Celebrities Attending Is Not A Good Look

They managed to name-drop Bradley Cooper and the cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron in every single commercial I saw advertising it. Which is not that cute considering... those were the only names they had so they had to keep recycling them.

What Does MTV Know About Movies, Anyway?

Let's be real, they don't even show videos anymore.

They Should Focus On The VMAs

Exciting things still happen there, like Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" performance that people are still talking about. (Hi hello, here I am, talking about it.)

You're Killing Our Childhoods

I remember really loving the MTV Movie Awards growing up, and I refuse to let them take that away from me by going out on a bad note! Quit while you're ahead! Or at least only somewhat behind!

There's Too Much Competition

At the very least, we gotta stop doing this broadcast on a Sunday night, when it's up against the premiere of Game of Thrones, the final season of Mad Men, Veep, and The Good Wife, just to name a few. You kidding me bro??

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