Couples Describe Their Sex Lives In One Word

The recent influx of honesty-fueled viral videos have gifted us with some seriously funny gems as of late. Chalk one more up to the growing list because Complex has released a video of couples describing each other’s “private parts” and it’s just as hilarious and uncomfortable as you might imagine. As a person who doesn’t flinch at the mention of anything sex-related, I can tell you that a clip of couples being forced to describe each other’s anything in one word is unsettling.

In the video’s description, Complex likens these one-word scenarios — which, honestly, no one ever finds themselves in except when creating these videos — to the flash questions we frequently hear in job interviews. Answer quickly, or forever hold your peace. This is assuming of course that no one has ever asked an appropriate question about an applicant’s genitalia during a job interview, but it’s a colorful analogy anyhow.

“Watch [the video] to see the couples squirm,” Complex writes in the video’s summary. You better believe they aren’t the only ones squirming. Like, worse than another viral video we reported on in which couples reveal their “number” to their partners. Honestly? Bonus points to the dude who described his girlfriend’s vagina as “celestial” because you’re damn right.

"One word? Expandable."

As Laci Green taught us, the vagina is a magical, sock-like expanding passageway of wonder.

"She's got nice titties."

Sweet answer, bro.


His dick is apparently "a good penis." Good job.

"Below zero."

...was how she described his stamina. I had my hand to my mouth as I muttered "oh my god" at least three times.

And how about your last sexual encounter?

"Responsible," making this my favorite couple of all. Watch the video in its cringe-worthy entirety below.

Image: Complex/YouTube