Natalie Dormer & Her Cat Eyeliner Cover 'Stylist'

It's no secret that Natalie Dormer is awesome, whether she's creeping up on Cersei Lannister's claim over the Iron Throne and inadvertently reminding her of unsettling prophecies, talking feminism by means of The Hunger Games trilogy, or just plain tearing up the red carpet at the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 5. Natalie Dormer's magazine cover for Stylist encapsulates her innate awesomeness pretty damn near perfectly There's no denying her badass attitude and major sense of style in this image — even if she isn't wearing much besides eyeliner.

She posed for the cover in a pool (insert "Summer is Coming" joke here), wearing a soaking wet (yet still chic) Julien MacDonald delicately netted sweater, as well as an enviably chic forest green mani, fabulously slicked back hair, and some of the most epic eyeliner I've ever seen in my whole life (there's a reason why people think she should be the first female James Bond). This latest magazine appearance comes right on the tail of Dormer's Self magazine cover — which was, as fellow Bustle writer Sienna Fantozzi put it, "banging." Though, banging as her Self cover may have been, I'd say her latest cover is even more banging — so let's take a look!

Best cat eye ever or best cat eye ever? Dormer's makeup was done by Liz Pugh, a London-based makeup artist and I don't know about you, but I'm currently researching glossy, blacker-than-black liquid eyeliners so I can give the look a shot myself.

Images: Getty Images; julienmacdonald, lizpugh (3)/Instagram