Juliette & Avery's Baby Deserves A Great Name

Nashville has always been a pro at tugging on their fans' guitar strings. I mean, heart strings. Which is what made the birth of Juliette and Avery's baby girl such a sweetly sentimental sight to behold. However, there's still one very big question looming in the air. What will Juliette and Avery name their baby now that she's out in the world? Viewers came so close to getting that answer, but in what has to be considered the cruelest cliffhanger to date, the camera cut out before any name could be spoken. (Not cool, Nashville writers. Not cool.)

But as it turns out, there is, indeed, a method behind all of this madness. You see, the series wants the audience to weigh in on this important matter, which is why ABC created a special poll on their site, allowing fans to vote on what the name should be — a decision that will be announced during Wednesday night's episode. Though the name options have since disappeared from the site now that the voting polls have closed, the four choices provided were as follows: Cadence, Bella, Nina, and Blythe. This in and of itself helps to narrow down our predictions quite a bit, given that one of these will be the ultimate winner.

However, just in case the writers start having second thoughts on the decision or somehow lose the results, I've taken the liberty of selecting a few back up options that I think would be the perfect fit for this little bundle of joy.


I've always loved the name Hayden, and as Hayden Panettiere herself can attest to, it can be used for both a boy and a girl's name. Plus, it would be fitting to name the baby after the woman whose real-life pregnancy brought this storyline into being.


Better yet, why not pick a name that pays homage to Panettiere's other famous TV role: Claire Bennet from Heroes. Save the cheerleader, save the world!


At the same time, it'd also be kinda sweet to see Juliette name her baby after the woman who continuously puts up with her when she herself is acting like a baby — her assistant, Emily. Lord knows that woman has certainly put up with her fair share of temper tantrums, so this would be a really great gesture for all her hard work. (Though, in my opinion, I think I'd prefer a raise.)


It's where they live… it's the name of the show. Sure, it may be a little too on the nose, but that's part of what makes it so genius, right? I'm just saying — this baby could pull it off.


Because you just know Juliette was binge-watching Orange Is the New Black while on bed rest.


Hey, if men can name children after themselves, then so can women. Plus, it would give off a serious Lorelai and Rory Gilmore Girls vibe. And that is always a good thing.

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