Meghan Trainor Talks Style & Her FullBeauty Collab

While I rarely agree with Meghan Trainor, I've got to give her kudos on that rocking retro style she's got going on. So, any time she talks about fashion and beauty, I'm going to listen. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Trainor talked about collaborating with FULLBEAUTY, her favorite red carpet accessories, and her swimsuit style.

Trainor's gotten into hot water ever since the release of her first single, "All About That Base," hit airwaves. While many heralded the song as a body positive anthem, others criticized the smash as a song guilty of body shaming and encouraging women to cater to the male gaze. Despite the criticism, Trainor does insist that women should accept their bodies at any size. That's probably why FULLBEAUTY asked her to partner with them. In the interview, Us Weekly asks the "Dear Future Husband" singer what pieces from the brand she likes most. Trainor answered, "I actually like their bathing suits, they're nice and they're classy. They have high-waisted styles and bustiers." I've go to agree with Meghan because those swimsuits are super cute.

When speaking of her own clothes though, Trainor immediately explains that her mother's rings are her can't-live-without item. The singer points out a special ring made for her by her mother that represents her and her brothers. Trainor elaborates on her red carpet style telling the glossy that heels have become her new go-to and credits Arianna Grande for the inspiration — which makes me wonder when we'll get a Meghan Trainor/Arianna Grande collab.

Despite Trainor's more than questionable views on feminism and occasionally hypocritical lyrics, the singer's got some great retro style. I definitely don't agree with Trainor all the time, but I can definitely appreciate her love of high heels, good swimsuits, and sentimental family jewels.