Helena Bonham Carter to Play Fairy Godmother in 'Cinderella' Reboot

Well, it seems Disney's Cinderella did not cast Mrs. Crowley as its fairy godmother. But it did the next best thing: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alice in Wonderland's Helena Bonham Carter is jumping from from fairy tale to fairy tale, having been locked in to play Cinderella's (Lily James) magical godmother.

It's a good choice, but it's also the most obvious choice. Carter is one of Hollywood's most eccentric and magical actresses, having played otherworldly creatures on a fairly regular basis. Let's run them down:

Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter series)

Of course.

The Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland, 2010)

Otherwise known as what happens to the Fairy Godmother after she spikes her tea with PCP.

Corpse Bride (Corpse Bride, 2005)

The fairy godmother might be able to turn a carriage into a pumpkin, but would she be able to give something blue — a dead person — to an eager groom?

Morgan Le Fey (Merlin, 1998)

Hopefully things go better for Cinderella than Morgan, who accepted magic to make her beautiful... in exchange for evil.

Plus, the woman never ages — are we sure Carter's not magical in real life?

Images: Warner Bros (2); Disney; NBC