9 Times Emma Watson Joined Fashion And Feminism

Amongst the greats we're celebrating today, it's time to give a shout out to Emma Watson on TIME's Most Influential People list. In honor of Emma (and Hermione Granger), I've compiled a list of times E. Watson has combined fashion and feminism.

Emma has undoubtedly made this list for her pioneering in the feminist movement with her gutsy and refreshing HeForShe campaign. She stunned her fans and the world over with her speech at the U.N. last fall, and it's her willingness to embark in the conversation in a smart and influential way that makes her a lasting impact on the feminist stage.

When it comes to her wardrobe at the many appearances she makes for both her films and HeForShe, she's a class act. She has been able to effortlessly combine the most traditionally "girly" looks and the more traditionally "masculine" ones in order to play with the gender binary. Thus, she creates room for herself and those who are inspired by her to go on and break that binary, too.

Emma has been thrown in the limelight since an early age with her breakout role in the Harry Potter series, but it's her remarkable ability to handle that level of attention with not just grace but with purpose that sets her apart from the large majority of those of a similar age in her industry.

Let's take a look at nine moments she spoke as poignantly with her clothes as she did with her words:

1. The Suit


This pairing of the flowing pants with that long suit-like jacket says, "I'm not afraid to incorporate 'menswear' into my wardrobe."

2. The Professional Look


She's able to master classy with sexy in this look, but there are overtones of, "Let's get down to business."

3. The Sneak Peek

MAX NASH/AFP/Getty Images

She also knows how to have fun and show a little skin, on her own terms. Her variety shows her balance and her confidence.

4. The Short Hair


She can chop all her hair off but at the same time wear a puffy sleeve.

5. The Dress Pants


I love that this look says, IMHO, "I'll wear pants if I want to," especially considering dresses are usually worn at premieres.

6. The White Evening Gown

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Wowing anyone who looks at this dress on her, there's such a sense of displaying traditional femininity in an empowering way.

7. The Androgynous Look


Here she chooses a slouchy, loose-fitting and very non-attention grabbing ensemble.

8. The Mini-Dress


Playing up the girly look again, she shows lots of leg in this fun and energetic piece. Once again, on her terms.

9. Her U.N. Speech Outfit

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The last one on the list perfectly embodies the spirit of feminism this young star exudes. She's got an on point combination of a suit yet a flowing skirt on the bottom.

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