5 Benefits Of Going To College Far Away From Home

By now you know what colleges you've been accepted to, and you're probably spending a lot of time thinking about where you actually want to go. After all, the decision is now in your hands, and that can be a very nice feeling — but it can also be a rather difficult one, especially if you're trying to decide between a school that's close to home or far away. While every decision is different for every person, I'm going to tell you about the amazing benefits of going to college far away from home, because that was the right decision for me... and who knows? It may just be the same great decision for you.

Obviously, there are some major perks of going to school close to home, too. But sometimes, when you choose to make a bigger leap and take a bigger chance, great things can happen. Going to school far away from home is likely going to cost more and cause a little homesickness at first, but if you can stick it out and make it work, here are five amazing things that you'll get out of the experience. You're young, you're smart, and you're motivated — trust me, you're ready to take on the world.

1. You get a fresh start

Going to a school that's far way from home meant one major thing to me when I was deciding on a college: the prospect of a fresh start. As much as you may have loved your high school experience and hometown, there is something invigorating about setting up a life for yourself in a new place where nobody knows you. Nobody will have a preset opinion of you, nobody will have heard your story yet, and most importantly, you will be able to take on whatever type of identity you want without anyone holding you back.

2. You get to know a new city

Depending on what type of career you're planning on going into, you may find yourself feeling obligated to live in certain cities later in life. College is a four year opportunity to live in any city of your choosing. It won't be that easy to just "pick up and leave" later in life when you have more commitments, so take advantage of these four special years while you can.

3. You gain some independence

No matter what, you're going to gain some independence by going to college. However, if you choose to go to a school that's far away from home, that independence is going to be a lot more prevalent in your life. While it's nice to have mom and dad within an hour's drive, think about how much more dependent you'll be on yourself if they're not so easily accessible. You'll grow up quickly, that's for sure.

4. You meet new people

Another major advantage of going to a school that's far away from home? You're going to meet a lot of new people. You'll be forced out of your usual social clique, which is not a bad thing, and subsequently, you might be surprised at the kind of people you connect with during this new phase of your life. Want an extra bonus? Chances are you won't be running into exes, old teachers, and your parents' best friends every time you head downtown.

5. You get a new perspective

Going hand in hand with living in a new place with new people, you are also going to (hopefully) pick up a new perspective. Life is lived differently everywhere, and you'll realize that quickly when you distance yourself from your home. Regardless of whether or not you choose to stay away from home after college, this newly gleaned perspective will stay with you for life, and it will impact the way you look at the world decades after your four years of collegial bliss.

Images: Max Lebram, BlinkView, lu_lu, Allie Holzman, darkday, Justin Brown/Flickr