Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her New Blue Contacts

Normally when people wear colored contacts, I'm really upset about it because I'm thinking, "We all know what your real eyes look like." But when Kylie Jenner wore blue contact lenses, I was more impressed at how well she pulled them off than how fake they looked. The youngest of the Kardashian klan has yet again pushed the boundaries with a completely different look.

Jenner posted a shot of her bright blues on Instagram, captioning the photo with, "For fun." And I think that's honestly what makes me like the change of color the most: because it's just for fun, not for life. So many people get colored contacts to wear on a daily basis, which I can't stand. But because Jenner openly stated that the contact lenses were for fun, it makes them much more like an accessory, not a necessity.

To complement her new blue eyes, Jenner wore a dress that I need in my closet, like, yesterday. To go with her powerful gaze was a powerful LBD. Covered with mesh insets, Jenner's dress was sexy, without going overboard — I mean, she is only 17. But the outfit made me realize how much she looks like her big half-sister, Kim Kardashian. It's scary how they all look alike, but with these blue contact lenses, Jenner can stand out (sort of).