14 DIY Wedding Gifts That Are Easy And Inexpensive, Because Thoughtfulness Doesn't Have To Break The Bank

I love a good wedding. I do. But I do not love dropping an entire paycheck on every little thing that goes into attending a wedding. That's why, if you're feeling crafty, coming up with your own DIY wedding gifts might be the way to go. Otherwise, between the airfare, hotel, food, wardrobe, and gift, the average wedding guest can expect to pay a staggering $673 in 2015 — $100 of which is usually spent on the wedding gift alone.

If the thought of dropping $100 on a wedding gift gives you heart palpitations, trust me, you're not alone. That's why I say, save some serious dough and DIY your wedding gift(s) instead. Seriously, why drop all those Jacksons on an impersonal [insert generic department store here] gift certificate when you can learn how to make candles from scratch? Or create personalized coffee stencils. Or mix and bottle homemade scented bubble bath. Besides, there truly is nothing more thoughtful than a personalized wedding gift made from the heart. And that kind of creative love... is priceless.

Image: Fotolia

Photo Candle

Give the gift of memories. A Beautiful Mess can show you how to apply your photos to candles in 30 minutes flat.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Personalized Coffee Stencils

Yes, you can now monogram coffee. Choose from ready-made patterns, or customize your own coffee stencils for the bride and groom at Dust Designer.

Image: Swiish

Herbed Sugars

Looking for the perfect complement to those personalized coffee stencils? Add some homemade herbed sugars. Head on over to Delia Creates for various herb-infused recipes including lavender, vanilla, lemon, and mint.

Image: Delia Creates

Light Bulb Vases

Here’s a bright idea: Make unique vases out of recycled light bulbs. Click on over to The Merry Thought for the step-by-step process.

Image: The Merry Thought

Grown Up Jello Shot-Making Kit

The couple that parties together, stays together. Contribute to everlasting love by gifting this homemade jello shot-making kit. Get the ingredients and recipe from Miss Renaissance.

Image: Miss Renaissance

Quotable T-shirts

Give the gift of great fashion with personalized quotable t-shirts, courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Home Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s home beer making kits make great wedding gifts for DIY-inspired lovebirds. And good news — the Punk IPA kits are now in stock — just in time for summer wedding season.

Image: Brooklyn Brew Shop/Facebook

Ombre Tea Cup Candles

Miss Renaissance used vintage tea cups for her homemade two-tone candles, but you can use anything from coffee mugs, to votives, to recycled jam jars.

Image: Miss Renaissance

Handwritten Recipe Plate

Create this adorable DIY recipe plate by following Josie Jones’ easy four-step process: 1.) purchase plain plate at the Dollar Store, 2.) Sharpie your recipe on said plate, 3.) cook the Sharpied plate for 30 minutes in a 350-degree oven, and 4.) make the recipe and serve the final gift on the plate.

Image: Josie Jones

Hand Painted Lyrics

Immortalize beautiful song lyrics, poetry, or prose on the wall by scribbling your favorites on a blank canvas. Check out numerous variations via Swiish.

Image: Swiish

Pineapple Night Light

Give the gift every newlywed couple needs — a homemade pineapple night light. C’mon — they’re cute! See how A Beautiful Mess constructs this fruity DIY lamp.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Homemade Bubble Bath

See how Julie from Coordinately Yours fills vintage swing top bottles with a heavenly scented concoction of soaps, salts, and essential oils for a thoughtful, stress-reducing wedding gift.

Image: Coordinately Yours

Love Note Wall Art

Snag an old letter from the bride or groom and immortalize their love on the wall — creative inspiration courtesy of The Merry Thought.

Image: The Merry Thought

Lilac Sugar Scrub

This all-natural lilac sugar scrub can be made in less than 10 minutes using only three ingredients. See how Julie from Coordinately Yours nestles her DIY scrub into a beautiful homemade gift basket.

Image: Coordinately Yours