14 DIY Wedding Gifts That Are Easy And Inexpensive, Because Thoughtfulness Doesn't Have To Break The Bank

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I love a good wedding. I do. But I do not love dropping an entire paycheck on every little thing that goes into attending a wedding. That's why, if you're feeling crafty, coming up with your own DIY wedding gifts might be the way to go. Otherwise, between the airfare, hotel, food, wardrobe, and gift, the average wedding guest can expect to pay a staggering $673 in 2015 — $100 of which is usually spent on the wedding gift alone.

If the thought of dropping $100 on a wedding gift gives you heart palpitations, trust me, you're not alone. That's why I say, save some serious dough and DIY your wedding gift(s) instead. Seriously, why drop all those Jacksons on an impersonal [insert generic department store here] gift certificate when you can learn how to make candles from scratch? Or create personalized coffee stencils. Or mix and bottle homemade scented bubble bath. Besides, there truly is nothing more thoughtful than a personalized wedding gift made from the heart. And that kind of creative love... is priceless.

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