10 Signs You're Seriously Addicted To Iced Coffee, Because Some Just Don't Like It Hot

For people who are addicted to iced coffee, there are few things more satisfying than drinking your first cold brew of the season. Sipping that ice-cold caffeinated deliciousness is a joyous proclamation that warm spring weather is here. The sun is shining, you don’t need to wear tights under your dresses anymore, and you can order your beverage of choice without judgment. Most coffee lovers relish this moment, but for those who are truly addicted to iced coffee, it’s an event. Yes, diehard iced coffee addicts drink the stuff all year long, but springtime makes their addiction socially acceptable — and much more refreshing.

Iced coffee lovers come in all forms. Purists fill their cold brew to the brim and scoff at anyone who doesn’t drink theirs black. Those with more of a sweet tooth mask the bitterness with heaps of sugar or a shot of flavor. I personally recommend adding a dash of coconut milk. But love is love, my friends. And no matter how you take your iced coffee, if you’re drinking so much of it that your friends think you have a bladder problem, I’d say you’re seriously devoted. So how do you know if you’re more obsessed with iced coffee than the average coffee drinker? Here are 10 signs that you have a serious problem:

1. You choose iced coffee over water when you’re thirsty

2. You have to pee every half hour when it’s warm out

3. ... and drink iced coffee even when it’s below zero degrees

4. You know the difference between iced coffee and cold brew

5. You even make your own cold brew at home

6. Oh, and coffee ice cubes, too

7. Your car is filled with plastic cups

8. You can down an iced coffee in seconds without getting brain freeze

9. Hot coffee tastes like betrayal

10. You’re holding a cup of your cold, caffeinated addiction right now

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Images: Brown Eyed Baker; Giphy