Zendaya Shows Off Natural Curls

In the age of rainbow dye jobs, blonde freak-outs, and so much weave, it's refreshing when celebrities just stick to their natural hair. And to see Zendaya's curly hair again makes me smile. With all of the beauty trends and extremely constricting hair stereotypes, having someone in the limelight that ignores them all makes us natural-haired girls rejoice.

Zendaya, also known as the girl known for wearing all of the wigs and giving none of the cares, has been facing a lot of flack for her recent hairstyles, many of which are uncalled for and speak to the problem that surrounds the way the world sees African American hair, but I digress. The 18-year-old actress posted pictures on Instagram of her trip to the salon, and the beautiful final product, which is her naturally lustrous and silky curls.

As someone whose been natural for a few years now, getting to a point where I felt comfortable with myself as a curly-haired lass, took a long time — especially with all of the nonsense that I faced on a daily basis. And I'm just a regular person, so I can only imagine what Zendaya is going through. But the fact that she can post such self-loving pictures of her natural d'o only proves to me (and hopefully everyone else) how liberating going natural can truly be. More power to you, Z!