Let's Break Down 'Pretty Little Liars' Haleb To See Just What Makes Hanna & Caleb The Ultimate OTP

There's more to being a Pretty Little Liars fan than setting up shop in front of your TV every Tuesday night and no, I'm not just talking about the countless hours spent trying to figure out who Charles DiLaurentis is. (Don't roll your eyes at me just yet.) Realistically, being a fan of I. Marlene King's series means that you spend about 40 percent of the time wondering who A is and the rest of the time keeping tabs on your favorite Pretty Little Liars 'ship. If you're a Haleb fan, right now that time is probably spent wondering if Hanna will be pregnant in PLL Season 6 and how in the world you're going to get your hands on some "Essence of Best Boyfriend."

I shouldn't have to explain why I choose to spend so much time worrying and thinking about Haleb and their future on PLL — they are the greatest 'ship on the series, after all. But, to better explain exactly why so many PLL fans 'ship Haleb like it's their job, it's easiest to look at exactly what makes Haleb, well, Haleb.

Obviously, we all know that, literally, Haleb is 50 percent Hanna and 50 percent Caleb — but there's so much more to this Pretty Little Liars OTP than that.

Sorry, did you say something? I was too busy taking extensive notes on all of these relationship goals.

By Christine DiStasio & Samantha Rullo

Images: ABC Family; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle