Rihanna's Most Badass Moments Ever, Because No One Can Compare To Her Coolness

A lot has been said about Rihanna at Coachella this year: For instance, according to tabloids, she may or may not be dating Drake, and Rihanna may or may not be the baddest badass in the desert. Now, thankfully, we have evidence for the last one: It has been confirmed in an excellent profile of Drake from Ernest Baker for Complex-affiliated fashion site Four Pins. The excerpt:

I pass a woman in an ankle-length, powder blue coat. She's wearing sunglasses, smoking a blunt and her specter is intoxicating. I perform a very thirsty 180-degree turn when I realize that it's Rihanna. I walk up and tap her from behind: "Yo, you're a goddess." She assesses my general desperateness with one glance, silently ashes her blunt on the palm tree between us, turns back around and walks off without saying a word.

That's the most Rihanna encounter that has ever graced journalism. I love that she bothered to turn around, but decided it wasn't worth her time, and I love that she can assess coolness in a glance. Because of course she can.

Of course, this isn't the only time that Rihanna has wowed the public and the press with her "screw it" attitude, sense of humor, and general badassery. Here are some other instances when Rihanna just did not care what anyone thought, because she's that amazing:

When She Flashed Everyone At The World Cup

She also basically live tweeted the whole thing.

When She Pushed This Baby Down The Red Carpet

Have you ever seen someone push a stroller with so much swag?

When She Responded To All The Slut-Shaming

Not cool, TLC.

When She Wore Socks With Sandals

She couldn't care less about ur rulez.

When She Was Hilarious On Instagram

Basically every time.

When She Took This Picture

Enough said.