Sean Hayes & Scott Icenogle Lip Sync Again, But This Time Is Even Better Thanks To The Use Of Props — VIDEO

There's just something mesmerizing about watching celebrities lip sync. First, Jimmy Fallon and his guests showcased their mad lip sync skills during late night TV. Then, Spike TV decided to air Lip Sync Battle, where we get to watch celebrities like John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick battle it out over who is better at lip syncing (FYI, Jim Halpert can "sing" to me any day of the week). Now, we have famous couples hopping on the amazing bandwagon. For example, Sean Hayes and his husband Scott Icenogle are no longer hiding the fact they can lip sync with the best of them.

In March, the two first shared their lip syncing abilities by jamming to Iggy Azaela's "Trouble," which was beyond entertaining. Well, on Thursday, Hayes and Icenogle lip synced to Flo Rida's "I Don't Like It, I Love It," because, obviously, they have a need to share their talent with the world. Yes, this second video is just as great as the first. Really, it's slightlybit better, because, well, they use props. That's right, Hayes and Icenogle stepped it up by busting out mini-cymbals, a tiny guitar, and a cowbell (More cowbell!).

If you think the amazingness stops there, oh, it doesn't. At the end of the video, there's a marshmallow surprise. My explanation couldn't do it justice, so watch it here for yourself:

See? Amazing. Now, what do you think Hayes and Icenogle will lip sync to next? If they're taking requests, I suggest "Oops, I Did It Again," "Footloose," or something from Janet Jackson or Cher, because, clearly, I need Hayes to show some love to Jack McFarland.