What Your Favorite Backstreet Boy Says About Your Personality, Because This Is More Accurate Than The Myers-Briggs Test

It's a fact of life: When you were a kid in the '90s, you used Gelly roll pens, wrote in your Claire's diary, and most importantly dreamed about which Backstreet Boy was your favorite, and which you were going to ultimately marry. Even though, that dream is even more far stretched now (since each BSB member actually has a wife at this point), back then, which boy bander you were crushing was super important among friend groups.

In Orlando, Florida of 1993, when the five boys came together as band, they had no idea what kind of ride they were setting themselves up for, let alone that they would become one of the best boy bands of all time. And now, with over 130 million records sold worldwide, they're quite literally the bestselling boy band in history.

As they rose to fame with hits like "I Want It That Way" teenagers went crazy, to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if it was their fans that coined the term fangirling. Even today, fans are still going crazy over their music. (Maybe not quite as extreme since most of them are grown adults now, but still fangirling none-the-less.)

So, as we sing along to their new mature tracks, and admire the men they have become, let's take a look at what your favorite Backstreet Boy back then said about what kind of person you were growing up (results may vary):

Howie Dorough

You were probably the sensitive one of your friends. You were never confrontational about anything, which sometimes meant you let your friends overshadow you. But no worries, you were happy and that was good enough for you.

AJ McLean

Growing up, you had a little bit of a rebellious streak. You were known for having some edgy fashion choices such as dyeing your hair different colors, and being the first out of your friends to pierce your cartilage. But underneath all that raccoon eye makeup, you were a total softy.

Kevin Richardson

Most likely, you were probably wisest of the group. Your friends looked up to you like an older sibling because you led by example. Even though you would partake in teenage antics, you were always somewhat above it all.

Brian Littrell

You were a total goody-two-shoes, but you still knew how to have fun. Even the people you weren't friends with never had anything bad to say. If there was a title for best all-around, you would totally win.

Nick Carter

You were the baby of the group, and you probably still are. You were well-liked among many and you loved the spotlight. But you still had a big heart for those you cared about.

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