'Beyond The Wave', A Movie By Sex Toy Makers LELO, Will Premiere At Cannes Film Festival — And It's Interactive

For the first time ever, a sex toy company will have a movie premiering at Cannes Film Festival. The movie, Beyond the Wave, by LELO, a company that specializes in both toys and intimate apparel, will star Casper Van Dien of both Starship Troopers and Sleepy Hollow fame and Emilie Ohana whom audiences will recognize from Paris, Je t’aime. Goran Gajic, who directed a few episodes of HBO’s Oz, which, I might add, was a phenomenal series that starred none other than Law and Order: SVU’s Elliot Stabler, will also direct it.

But before you start jumping to conclusions thinking it’s going to be all about vibrators, dildos, but plugs, and nipple clamps, holds your horses. Despite being by LELO, there are no sex toys to be had in the movie and is actually much more than that. The film examines “the male-female relationship meditates on perspectives, love and solitude as central to human existence.” It’s also set in the future and revolves around two women and one man, and how communication is essential, especially in a future where self-interest is taking over.

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As Steven Thomson, head of marketing at LELO explains:

“We are honored to have been selected to screen at Cannes. Every day we see the world become more individualistic and fragmented. This movie is a creative intervention, designed to do what LELO does best: bring people together. That’s what’s at the heart of what we do and at the heart of the film too, and it does that in a way that goes way beyond what people expect from a pleasure brand like ours. It engages couples, encouraging them to get closer and the Festival De Cannes is the perfect platform from which to share this increasingly important message.”

What this also means is that sex toy companies have totally hit legit status. It’s not like Cannes selects just anything to be premiered at their very haughty festival.

Another first that comes with Beyond the Wave is an interactive experience, PlayTogether, that is meant to be viewed with your partner, as a means to bring you closer in every way. The LELO team knows that not only is sex important to a relationship, but communication, too, so with this movie premiere they’re reaching outside their usual product and services to offer something completely new, getting the emotional and physical heart of the matter.

No word on if this will be an upcoming trend for sex toy companies, but either way LELO has put together something interesting so we should all take note.

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