Did You Snag A $200 Balenciaga Bag?

Just when you thought nothing could beat getting a Kate Spade for $40, this happened yesterday: lucky shoppers snagged Balenciaga purses for under $200. Shoppers who noticed the mistake were going absolutely crazy over the price glitches on their website yesterday. It was so bad that their site crashed.

Many of them tweeted out about the significant price drop, where a $2,000 bag was priced at around $200. Of course, Balenciaga noticed the glitch right away and turned down their site in order to hamper the orders, but according to Refinery29’s Connie Wang, five of her friends actually had their purchases go through. However, it seems like Balenciaga is busy canceling orders right now because even if you did receive an order confirmation email, your order is most likely about to be cancelled.

Rachel Granick, a customer who purchased a bag, told The Huffington Post, “Certain bags were selling for $195, but those were already sold out by the time I got to the website. You’d see bags for $185, $195, $285. Certain purses in different colors were side-by-side with different prices. One would say $1,895 and the one next to it would say $195.” And although her order went through, after she called customer service, all they told her was that her order had been cancelled. Sigh, Balenciaga, why must you tease us so?

Images: balenciaga/Instagram; granite_rockss/Twitter; EJBrickley/Twitter; meyerini/Twitter; b3llaa__/Twitter