9 Awkward Things That Happen To Every Bride

Your wedding day is a very special day indeed. You've always imagined it going a certain way, and now that you have the chance to plan it out, you're sure it'll happen exactly as planned. And you would be wrong. The fact of the matter is, no matter how carefully you've organized everything, there are certain things that will go wrong at your wedding. Your wedding day is basically like any other day, in that it's impossible for you to have complete control over every little aspect. The only difference is that you shelled out a lot of money for the food, the booze, and all the accessories and attire that make you look absolutely breathtaking. You are certainly the star of the day, but there's no way to avoid the hiccups that are bound to occur, just like at every other wedding.

Even with a few unexpected and unwelcome surprises, there's still a way to make this one of the happiest days of your life. It's all about being prepared and being flexible. Because while you cannot control what happens, you can control how you handle mistakes made by others around you. Since it's your wedding, you can only play the role of the bride, and that means trusting the people you hired and your supportive loved ones to take care of the rest. So enter this lovely event with an open mind and realistic expectations. Here's how to cope when things don't go as planned.

1. There Will Be External Drama

Chalk it up to worlds colliding, but someone will get pissed at someone else. And it doesn't even matter who or why or how, because this is your party, and you can ignore it all if you want to. Nobody should be bringing any drama to your attention, and to make sure you remain oblivious to conflict, enlist your besties to shut it down before you notice. If something does occur, have your bridesmaids kindly remind the troublemakers to cut the BS and save it for another time.

2. Important Songs Will Be Skipped

Your DJ or band will have instructions, and a list of songs you want played. They will agree to it and tell you they've got it under control. Then the big day comes, and they will miss the musical cue for when you begin walking down the aisle, or they will forget to play a song that you mentioned on three separate occasions that needed to be played. You can either have someone address this during the night, you can address it yourself, or you can just dance it out with your favorite people because it's only music, and you should be having 100 percent fun. I'd go with the latter.

3. Someone Will Get Way Too Drunk

An open bar seems like a great idea — until a guest's date decides they want ALL THE ALCOHOL. Things will get sloppy, they will embarrass themselves, and you can have them cut off, kick them out, or let them puke in the corner all night while other guests come up with vomit-related nicknames for them.

4. You May Mess Up Your Vows

It's only natural to verbally trip over the most intense promise you will ever make. There are also a ton of people staring at you while you do it. Don't stress, laugh it off, and keep going.

5. Your Stomach Will Be Depressingly Empty

Doing anything on an empty stomach is an unfamiliar situation for you to be in, so this is weird. But you will have spent the entire day wondering what could go wrong that you forgot to eat... anything. So you don't hangrily lash out at an elderly relative (and so you don't pass out during your first dance), try to snag a piece of bread or an appetizer or SOMETHING to keep you going until the cake can be cut.

6. The Bar Will Run Out Of A Specific Drink

You tried to anticipate what everyone will drink so you have enough of everything, and there will be a surprising cocktail that wipes out the stock of a certain booze halfway through the night. The good news is that everyone is probably drunk, so all you need is some gentle encouragement by the best man or maid of honor to switch it up with some shots, and all will be forgotten.

7. An Annoying Guest Will Complain About Something... To You

Yeah, this seems insane, but it will happen. A distant friend with zero self-awareness will come up to you and tell you what they didn't like about the food or where they're sitting, or worst of all, how much money they spent to attend your wedding. Because of this level of rudeness, you have every right to cut them out of your life. I mean, they're already a "distant friend" for a reason, and guilt is the only reason they made the invite list in the first place. But for now, be the bigger person and smile and nod before walking away forever.

8. You Will Not Look Picture-Perfect All Night Long

No matter how often you head to the bathroom to primp and blot, your hair will get flat, your forehead will get shiny, and your only pimple will emerge from its concealer-camouflaged cocoon and make its presence known. But by the time this happens, your photographers probably got most of the shots they need, and you can just be a normal human at a party.

9. Your Dress Will Get Dirty

It's a white dress. It's bound to get a smudge or two by the end of the night. Wear those stains like little badges of honor, because it only proves you had so much fun on your wedding day that you didn't even care your perfect white dress got slightly less perfect.

Image: Ryan Polei/Flickr; Giphy (9)