11 Prom Dresses Kylie Jenner Should Wear

Kylie Jenner is anything but a normal teenage in her senior year of high school — being that Kylie Jenner is homeschooled, she's likely not going to a normal prom like most kids her age. But let's for a moment imagine what kind of prom dress Kylie Jenner would wear to the teenage formal if she decides to make a cameo appearance at a random high school dance. It doesn't seem totally out of the question, right?

I'd have to put aside my curiosities about who would serve as her date. Tyga, the rapper rumored to be her (not?) BF, is 25 and therefore too old to attend, at least by most prom rules. Instead, let's pretend Kylie Jenner got asked to the dance by one of her many male fans via some cute social media stunt, where he wore a tux and got on bended knee and all that.

Now, you know Kylie's not gonna go for the classic prom look. She is the epitome of edgy, Cali girl cool and her gown would reflect that. Sorry, no taffeta or poufy, ruffly gowns here. I could imagine Jenner opting for straight columns or short, flirty frocks that would make her stand out from the sea of floor-length dresses, without making her look like the Hollywood kid who doesn't want to be there and is just doing it for publicity. Kylie, if you're looking to shop now, may I suggest one of these 11 gowns?

1. Two-Tone Floral Lace

Kylie has rocked dip-dyed hair, so why not this dangerously short yet delicate and chic, two-tone, floral lace dress? With her raven locks, she would be a study in contrasts. ($396,

2. Jacquard Jenner

This jacquard print, peach frock shows some skin, but the color would pop against Jenner's olive complexion. The criss-cross halter neck makes it unique and youthful, not to mention sexy. ($51,

3. Yes, Leather

The Kardashians and Jenners do not blend in. They also like to wear lots of leather, so a glamsual leather romper with pleats would be one way for Kylie to do anything but fade into a backdrop of expansive gowns and corsages. ($99,

4. Something A Little More Traditional

OK, leather might be a bit much, but this LBD with the full skirt is gorgeous yet more traditional. And I don't mean "prom" traditional. I mean '50s, "Jackie O" traditional. Kylie would so rock this. ($118,

5. Peek-a-Boo

This dress might not seem a little too risque for prom, but I am playing by the Kardashian rule book here. ($280,

6. LBD

This LBD is so modern and there's no reason it's not prom-ready in 2015. ($98,

7. Long Black Dress

This long black dress with the slit is right for prom because of the length. It's right for Kylie since it's an edgy take on boho. ($700,

8. Regal

This regal purple gown with sheen is the most prom pretty dress of this bunch but it wouldn't be boring, what with Kylie's nude, matte, and plumped lips or her dagger nails. She'd accessorize the heck out of this simple dress, the silhouette of which she's worn before. ($498,

9. Tuxedo Style

Kylie's young and feminine, so this Erin Fetherston tux dress would be her take on the menswear trend. ($295,

10. Body Con

This body con white dress with the mermaid hem might already live in Kylie's closet, so she could repurpose it for a prom. ($415,

11. Romantic Maxi

This ivory lace maxi feels so vintage and romantic, yet very sexy. Kylie would add another dose of edge to it and make it her own. ($700,

Images: Getty Images; Courtesy Brands