Everything You Need To Know About Miranda Hart

Big news for everyone who likes fun and hilarious women: British actress/writer/comedian Miranda Hart is coming to Hollywood this summer in Paul Feig's Spy. If you have never watched Hart's comedy before, then I envy you for getting the chance to experience her wonderfully relatable sense of humor for the first time. Hart is huge in Britain thanks to her self-titled comedy series Miranda, which just ended after three seasons earlier this year. Hart is more than Miranda though — she also stars in the superb Call the Midwife, is the author of a cheeky, best-selling memoir, she's a strong supporter of positive body image, and is also an all around wonderful human being. The fact that we are going to get to see her on the big screen stateside is a fact worth cheering over.

You should not have to take my word for it though: Hart can prove her awesomeness all on her own. Her wise words have inspired a plethora of GIFs and clips, and she has become a role model to women of all ages thanks to her honest comedy about never really growing up, accepting the body you are in, and learning to love and be kind to yourself. Hart is a special woman, and with any luck, Spy will be the first of many big screen roles to come her way.

“Live in hope. Because things do happen. Things do change. Worry really is futile. Don't fear the future. Dreams do come true.” — Miranda Hart, Is It Just Me?

The first thing you need to know about Hart is that she brought silly back. I truly believe her crowning achievement is she made it safe for adults to gallop down the street without caring who is judging them. Her sense of humor is very Monty Python-esque, as well: she loves puns, pratfalls, and bursting into song. She even throws in the occasional fart joke without it seeming sophomoric. Subsequently, it is possible she is a wizard.

Hart inspires admiration for her unflinching honesty. Her character Miranda in Miranda was always a joy to watch, but despite boasting about her allure and being outspoken, she was still incredibly insecure. Her journey over the course of the series was one of self-acceptance. While Miranda loved sweet chef Gary, she could not be with him until she learned how to love herself, and trust that he loved her back. It was a terrific bait and switch for what started out as a straight romantic comedy.

Hart's sitcom was just her first step toward world domination. Once she joined Call the Midwife as the upper-crust, bighearted midwife Chummy, Hart had solidified her place as a TV star on both sides of the pond. Chummy was a departure for Hart who could have ended up as a lady Seinfeld of sorts, who could only play herself. With Chummy, Hart proved she has real range. She's not just funny, she can also be sincerely heartbreaking at times.

The fact that Hart caught the attention of Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig is an excellent sign. Feig has a way of writing amazing roles for women, and the role he created for Hart in Spy will pair her with Melissa McCarthy. The role of McCarthy's best friend was always going to go to Hart because Feig wrote the character with Hart in mind. In an interview with The Guardian, Feig said:

"I've been a fan of Miranda's for years and am so excited to bring her to the big screen," said Feig, who also oversaw McCarthy in last year's hit buddy comedy The Heat. "I'm also hoping I'll finally get back that lawnmower I loaned her last summer."

Comedic voices as strong and unique as Hart's are rare. When they do come along, they deserve to be nurtured and brought to an audience who can appreciate them. With any luck, Spy will lead more Americans to seek out Hart's work. Once they do they will find an actress/writer who can speak directly to our funny bones and our hearts. Spy is just the beginning of the next step in Hart's career and you still have one more month to get caught up on her work before she takes Hollywood by storm.

Spy hits theaters June 5. In the meantime, you can watch Miranda on Hulu and Call the Midwife on Netflix.

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