Will Aria Die On 'Pretty Little Liars'? The Series Finale Could Be Deadly For Two Liars

I know you didn't think that the rising death toll in Rosewood would disappear now that Mona's alive in the dollhouse on Pretty Little Liars. We've still got two whole seasons of the series left, after all. (And all PLL fans are far too smart by now to be that naïve.) That big Mona reveal aside, however, there have been plenty of Pretty Little Liars deaths that've stuck on the show, which should lead us to believe that there are definitely more to come. With whispers of a post-Season 7 PLL movie floating around, it's only fair to wonder who could die to keep the mystery and terror of A alive. But, more importantly, will Aria or another Liar die on the Pretty Little Liars series finale?

There are two important questions every PLL fan asks themselves once they pick their favorite Liar (mine is Hanna, FWIW): Could they possibly be A? And, if not, could they die? But, while the A question is kind of huge — even after the Season 5 finale's Big A Real — the more worrisome question is whether or not one of the Liars could really kick the bucket on the show. And, if that's even possible, who would it be and would they actually be dead or would they come back after half a season's worth of episodes and reveal that they'd been alive the entire time?

Just before Mona's death during the Fatal Finale, it was easy to predict that she'd be the one to go. Mona had started to figure too many things out about A and she was talking — she was talking a lot. And she'd spent just enough time attacking Ali's innocence that it seemed possible that Ali had killed her. Basically, I Marlene King really set us up and prepared us for Mona's death. Unfortunately for us, however, we've still got two seasons left before PLL takes its finale bow. But, just going off of where Season 5 left off, we can make realistic guesses about which Liar might end up buried in the Hastings' backyard.

As much as I'd hate to put this out into the PLL theory universe, Aria and Hanna are frontrunners to become casualties of the A-game. Out of all of the Liars, Aria and Hanna are the two that we should really be paying the most attention to on PLL. Does that seem random to you? Well, it shouldn't. With Aria, there still hasn't been any conclusion proof that she's not involved with the A-game. And, frankly, it could be the best thing for PLL and that potential movie to "kill" off Aria after revealing that she has something to do with whatever Uber A has been up to. Sure, Aria's gotten hers over the course of the past five seasons, but there's still that very strange coincidence that, just when she returned to Rosewood, A started their reign of terror.

But, while Aria's death might prove all of our suspicions about her as a friend and set up PLL up for an insane follow-up feature film, Hanna's death would truly be a shock and a heartbreaking one at that. Here's the thing about Hanna and, by extension, Haleb — we're all really freaking emotionally invested in her and her relationship. Haleb is PLL 's OTP and separating them by killing off Hanna would be the ultimate way for A to go out with a bang. Haleb proved during that Season 5 finale that they're ready to go to battle for one another and if Hanna goes up against A with as much fervor as she had when she called A a "bitch," she's going to be this villain's main target for the remainder of the series. A's already gone after Hanna's mom, got her thrown in jail, and (when Mona was A) hit her with a car — there's really only so far A can go to hurt her before it ends in death. (Yes, I know it could also be Caleb's death, but my feelings can only handle so much right now.) Hanna getting killed off of PLL would be the most emotional ending to the series because we all love her as much as Caleb does.

However, while these two deaths would certainly make sense, do not panic. (I know, that's easier said than done.) You definitely shouldn't start thinking that death is waiting around every corner in Rosewood. It's entirely possible that ALL of the Liars will survive the remaining two seasons of PLL and the series finale — I mean, they've made it this far after many close calls with death over the past five seasons. And, really, who wants to live in a world without "creepy" Aria and everyone's favorite secret genius, Hanna? No one, that's who.

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