Does Kyle Richards Really Smoke Pot? It Really Wouldn't Be The Worst Thing In The World If She Did

As was to be expected, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special left us with plenty more questions than answers. Will Kim and Kyle Richards ever make up? Will Lisa Rinna come back for Season 6? And, for that matter, will Kim? But for all of those questions, only one really struck a chord with me, and that one is this: As Brandi Glanville suggested, does Kyle Richards really smoke pot? The whole situation arose when the ladies went to a coffee shop in Amsterdam, and there was a whole to-do about who would or would not be partaking in a space cake, aka a weed cake. After Kyle insisted that she didn't want to do it, Brandi practically jumped out of her seat, calling Kyle a hypocrite and claiming that, the last time the two of them spent time together, Kyle smoked pot.

Now, overlooking the major flaw in this accusation that lies in the idea of Brandi and Kyle willingly spending time together... alone, I don't see why this was such a big deal. The ladies explained during the reunion that they didn't want to do anything drug-related for the cameras because they had children and they thought things pot smoking that should be kept private, but really, a grown woman choosing to smoke pot every now and again is hardly a big deal, cameras or not. Pot is not going to prevent Kyle from being a mother, a businesswoman, or anything else she is in her day-to-day life. All that said, it must be noted that, there's absolutely no concrete evidence that Kyle smokes pot at all. Sorry, Brandi.

Though if I were a friend of Kyle's, I might suggest smoking pot to make her life with these women a little bit easier. In fact, here are five scenarios in the RHOBH universe that a little something green would make a whole lot easier to deal with:

When Searching For A Good Comeback During A Fight

Can you even imagine how much more creative these women would be with their words if they threw a little weed into the mix? So many opportunities for amazing GIFs.

When Mediating A Fight Between Two Of The Ladies

The calmest I've ever seen anyone look while mediating a fight between two women on RHOBH was when Eileen Davidson tried to get Kim and Kyle to make up, but I think she's just a unique, calm, cool, and collected lady. The others might need some herbal assistance.

Every Big Dinner And/Or Party

Everyone could use the relaxation, to be honest. Besides, everyone's always missing out on the amazing food when they fight, so you're really killing two birds with one stone for this scenario, no pun intended.

Awkwardly Long Limo Rides To Said Dinner And/Or Party With People They Don't Want To Ride With

No explanation necessary.

The Interviews

Only because these are probably so much longer and more tedious than we can even imagine.

The Reunion Specials

At least this way Andy Cohen doesn't have angry women screaming in his ears for hours on end. I'm really just looking out for him here.

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