How Will Prince George React To Royal Baby #2?

It's official: The birth of the second royal baby is right around the corner. According to BBC, Kate Middleton is currently in labor, and has officially been admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in west London. Obviously, fans of Kate Middleton and Prince William can't handle the excitement: From guessing the baby's gender (people are certain Middleton is having a girl) to speculating about Middleton's due date to prepping royal baby birth parties (come on, you know you're doing it too), followers of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are handling the baby news quite well — and, at times, maybe showing a little bit too much enthusiasm. With that said, how do you think Prince George will handle the news once his baby brother or sister arrives? Will he be happy, sad, angry, or just plain confused?

There's no doubt that Prince George will probably be overwhelmed with all of the excitement. Heck, he might even look inside the china cabinet for his baby brother or sister just like he did for his father. The birth of a baby can be a confusing time for a child because, well, little kids don't really understand what's happening. Plus, add all the cameras, fans, and parties being thrown around the world for the birth of one baby and , yeah, that will make a kid even more perplexed.

However, that doesn't mean Prince George won't have some kind of reaction to this new baby his mom and dad bring home. We won't know for sure, at least right away, how Prince George will react to taking on the role of big brother, but here are a few ways he'll probably handle the news.



As I mentioned above, yes, Prince George will most likely be confused. However, once he gets adjusted to this new baby being part of his family the confusion will pass.



Why wouldn't Prince George be happy? Not only does he now have a sibling, but he also has someone to play with! Also, he can now talk to someone who understands what it's like to be considered royalty and why people want to take their picture all the time.



Wouldn't you breathe a sigh of relief now that the baby is born and some of the craziness is over?



Naturally, any child who is used to getting all the love and attention in the world from his parents and others will get a bit jealous over the arrival of another cute baby. However, William and Kate will no doubt love their children equally.

Getting Protective


Duh. Now that he's a big brother, Prince George will no doubt make sure his baby brother or sister is protected from harm's way.

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