#WeedReads Puts the Hash in Hashtag for 4/20

On this, the greatest of the high holidays (see what I did there?), newly creative-minded Twitter users have started the hashtag (I'll stop) #WeedReads to put a little 4/20 into literary classics. As if there weren't likely a lot of it there already. Buzzfeed Books intern Sarah Gallo seems to have started the stoner fun, but it was passed along through Penguin Random House, authors, and lit nerds everywhere.

Today, of course, is April 20, or 4/20, a pot-celebrating holiday when occasional smokers and James Franco-types light up in honor of Mary Jane. There are debates about the origin of 4/20; some say it has to do with chemical compounds, while others contend it's related to the police code for marijuana arrests. But it's possible we all just forgot.

There are some seriously great legitimate stoner reads on the bookshelf — Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice immediately spring to mind — but the #WeedReads hashtag wonders what it would be like if there was a bit more ganja in literary classics and even children's books. Like maybe the authors were listening to The Grateful Dead on loop as they wrote. And following in on Gallo's lead, the results were amazing.

This reminds me of the Before and After Wheel of Fortune category, just more stonery.

Wait... where?

There's something sad about this one.

Would probably have been a longer, more meandering novel.

Pickle-flavored chips, STAT.

We're all thinking the same thing: It probably wouldn't have hurt Pip.

Jane's cousin that spends all day in her beanbag chair listening to Bob Marley's "Kaya."

*Cough* I think you mean Harry Pot-head. (No applause necessary, really.)

Harold was able to imagine entire new worlds with one crayon.


Done and done.

Done and done and done.

I mean, James Joyce probably did before writing this confusing one.

This made me legitimately LOL.

I'm sorry, John Green.

Image: tanjila/Flickr