Gigi Hadid's Birthday Cake Had Her Face On It

Gigi Hadid turns 20 soon, and she is celebrating in the sweetest way. Her friends presented Gigi Hadid with a selfie-adorned birthday cake at a West Hollywood dinner party, and it was as big a deal as she is. The super model sat down at an intimate dinner with friends like Nolan Funk and boyfriend Cody Simpson in Los Angeles on Saturday. Hadid dove into a ginormous, unbelievably gorgeous cake covered in what else — a picture of her face. Yes, this cat-walking and kickboxing queen eats buttercream cake with abandon, apparently. But that's not the sweetest part about her birthday celebration.

Even if her birthday cake does have her face on it, she's the kind of person who is more than eager to share with those who need it more. Thanks for being as good a role model as you are a super model, G.

Instead of birthday gifts from her gang of friends, she requested that they give her fast food gift cards instead. Why? She wanted to have them on hand to give out to the homeless in NYC. She bragged about her boyfriend via Twitter, showing off a handful of McDonald's cards he gave her, honoring her wishes.

The birthday gesture is just further proof about why we love Gigi: someone so sweet, undeniably wealthy, and gorgeous can be good and beautiful at heart.