India Isn't Afraid to Take Risks on 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

Taking on a Whitney Houston song is no easy feat for any performer — but India Carney has proved that she is not afraid to take risks. The Voice contestant took on "Run to You" and totally nailed it. But the triumph for her wasn't that she was singing a Whitney Houston song, it was that she was singing a Whitney Houston song that she previously sang at a Broadway audition where she was told "no." (Kudos to her for even auditioning for The Lion King — that takes lots of guts.) Performing this song was a major fear of Carney's, but one that she tackled head on. That sort of willingness to take chances is what's going to take Carney far in this competition, and we can't wait to see what she chooses to battle next.

Being told "no" is a tough thing to get used to, but something that artists hear far too often. It's the musicians that choose to work harder to hear that "yes" that are the ones to make it in this industry — and Carney is definitely one of those artists. The 21-year-old could've chosen any sang in the world to sing for her Top 10 performance, but she chose one that has turned against her in the past. We're at a point in the competition where that kind of move could totally backfire. But thankfully for Carney, it was the best move she could've made. She seriously channeled the late Whitney Houston while she was onstage, but brought her own unique style to the song. Her performance was simple, emotional, and absolutely beautiful — something we have come to expect from the Team Christina contestant.

Carney has wowed the coaches week after week, and it's this type of move that has helped her win them over. She has sung Christina Aguilera and now Whitney Houston so far in this competition — two divas who's songs aren't to be touched because of how amazing they are. What's next, Beyonce? But Carney has sung the unsingable and continues to nail it. As long as Carney continues to push the boundaries in this competition, she's sure to stay in the game for a while.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC