Team Christina is the Team to Beat

We've reached the Top 10 of The Voice and that means that it's time to get serious about who's winning this thing. While a clear winner isn't obvious yet, the winning team is. Team Christina has the strongest talent overall of any other team this season and will truly be the team to beat — and that was never more obvious than when the team performed "Hotel California" with their coach. The singers' voices melted into each other's and made the song sound as if it was a collaboration between four Grammy-winning artists. With the entire team moving forward into the Top 10, it's obvious that this is Christina's year and one of the members of her team will take home The Voice title.

Christina's team wouldn't be anything without the voices that it's made of. Kimberly Nichole, India Carney, and Rob Taylor are three of the strongest performers in this game. The best part is that they all bring different talents to the table. Nichole is one of the most exciting performers to watch on this show. She delivers winning performances week after week thanks to her rockstar vocals and years of experience. Carney is the most versatile performer of the team. She experiments with new genres every week and showcases the many nuances of her voice. And last but certainly not least is Rob Taylor. The only male on the team brings the soul to balance out his female counterparts. Taylor never fails to sing from his heart and take the audience on a journey through his performance.

The unique talents each contestant brings to the team make it a winning combination. The trio represents the best of any genre or style the audience could be looking for this season. Though Christina took a break from The Voice, she is a veteran on the show and knew exactly what she was doing when she chose each of her team members. Team Christina will be unstoppable this season — and I can't wait to watch a female coach finally take home the title.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC