Will Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Return For 'Full House' Netflix Series? The Odds Aren't Very Promising

It's officially happening, and I know I'm not the only one excited about it. The Full House sequel Fuller House is coming to Netflix for a 13 episode order, which will star Candace Cameron Bure as DJ Tanner, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, and Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler. The three will move in together in order to help pregnant widow DJ Tanner raise her children, past and future. With two of the three Tanner sisters signed on for the ride, there can only be one question on everyone's minds: will Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appear on Fuller House in the dual role of Michelle Tanner? It would be the first acting role for the twins since 2010, but it would also be a return to their most classic, iconic role to date. How likely is it that we'll get to see an older Michelle?

At this point, I'd say it's incredibly unlikely, but let's examine the evidence here. According to John Stamos, he is in talks with all of the former stars of Full House to get them all together for the one hour premiere of the series. Fuller House will then spend the rest of the episodes focusing on DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. A one hour commitment isn't anywhere as daunting as committing to a full series, which improves the chances of getting one or both Olsen twins to sign on. After all, while Ashley has never appeared in a work without her twin sister, Mary-Kate pursued a solo acting career until she finally retired in 2012.

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However, putting another point in the unlikely column is the fact that, in the three years since retiring from acting, neither girl has shown even a flicker of interest in returning to the screen. The closest they came was when Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared on The Ellen Show in April 2014, their first time back on the show since their last appearance in 2010, and even that was to promote their new brand of perfume. It appears that the two are dedicated fashion moguls and business women at this point, leaving the acting jobs to their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen. The only way their appearance on Full House would be within the realm of possibility is if their nostalgia for their very first acting role is that deep.

So how is Stamos going to swing having an older Michelle on the show? His options are pretty limited at this point. First, Michelle could have to sit out this reunion and Stamos will have to fudge some sort of explanation for her absence — being unable to get out of a work commitment perhaps? Second, Stamos might just be able to convince Mary-Kate to appear in the premiere as Michelle. After all, he really only needs one of the Olsen twins to be the youngest Tanner sister (especially now that it's a lot easier to tell the two apart). Third, he might have to give up on getting Mary-Kate or Ashley and instead cast Elizabeth Olsen to take the place of her famous sisters.

Of course, I have my fingers crossed that the Olsen twins will decide to give in and appear in the premiere of the Netflix series. It just wouldn't be Full House without the original Michelle Tanner.

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