New Doc Trailer Espouses Margiela's Genius

Fashion is as much about the designers creating the clothes as it is about the clothes themselves or even the models or people who are eventually wear them. However, designer, Martin Margiela of the house Maison Margiela, has insisted that it's not about him and thus shields his face from view, so his designs remain the sole focus. For the new Martin Margiela documentary The Artist Is Absent: A Short Film on Martin Margiela, even Jean Paul Gaultier espouses Margiela's virtues and his clothes are celebrated.

The fact that Margiela has chosen not reveal himself to the public, by doing to things like remaining backstage at shows and not posing for photos, allows his clothes and his designs to be what identifies him. Of course, fashion types are curious about him, but his statement and intent are both very clear. Look at my clothes and judge me only by my clothes. Perhaps that was part of the mindset when the brand hired disgraced Dior designer John Galliano last year?

The trailer for the doc, directed by Alison Chernick, furthers the Margiela mystique and only gives you glimpses of the fabulous clothes. In under two minutes, you are left yearning for even a quick flash of Margiela the man, since his genius and talent are way obvious. But hearing an iconoclast like JPG speak of the Margiela brilliance furthers the myth and the legend!

Intriguing, isn't it? But stop for a second and check out the clothes from the trailer, since that is ultimately what Margiela wants. They are so breathtaking that they make you forget that you are searching for even a fleeting peek at the man who made them!

It's like silly string, but art!

This style is so meta, since the model's face is not seen, just like Margiela's.

Are those glasses?!

What can be revealed? If anything?

I don't think I've ever seen a romper quite like this.

While the Margiela mystique is elevated by this trailer, and likely by the full doc itself, the clothes, and the fashion luminaries that show their respect, it also reminds us that it's always, always about the clothes.

The clothes don't make the man. The man makes the clothes.

Images: YouTube (6)