This Guy Bought All The Roses The Woman Was Selling On The Train, And 7 Other Times The Subway Was A Magical Place — VIDEO

Guys, I ride the 6 train every day. I literally just got off of it ten minutes ago, where my seat neighbor was manspreading like nobody's damn business and another person sneezed in my face, and really, that's a good day for anybody riding the subway. But my standard for good subway rides just went way up now that I've seen this video of a man who bought roses on the subway from a vendor on the 6 train, and then told her to promise to give them out to everybody she saw that day. She was so happy she burst into tears.

So YEAH, everybody should be feeling pretty good about humanity right now. The guy first asked how many roses the vendor had and what she was selling them for, and she said there were 140 roses, which she was charging a dollar for each. You can tell she's a little wary of him at first when he keeps asking questions, and nobody can blame her for that, because I'm sure she depends on those sales for money. But then the stranger shocked everyone by buying every beautiful rose in her display, telling her to give them to other strangers, and then disappearing from the subway like a flowery Batman.

Here's the full video that might give you some major subway FOMO:

Maria Lopez on YouTube

There's all the proof that you need that as annoying as the subway is, it can occasionally be the (albeit grimy) set of its own little Disney movie. And this is far from the only time magical things have happened on the subway. Forget for just a second about that time you accidentally stepped in someone's pee, while I take you on a wonderful journey through other awesome things that have happened on subway trains:

1. These strangers pulling a man who fell onto the tracks to safety

Associated Press on YouTube

Can I get a HOLY S#*%?!?!

2. This little girl inspiring everyone to dance in Williamsburg

Coyote AndCrow on YouTube

PLOT TWIST: I wrote about this for Bustle when it first happened, and only months after the fact realized that the guy in it is my friend Jeremy from college (I have awesome friends #humblebrag).

3. The cast of The Lion King taking over a subway car

Jamal Lee Harris on YouTube

I know this is cheesy, and I know most people in the universe hate this kind of thing, and I respect that. But just LOOK at the classy and casual way they took over this train before busting a move. They are the exception to everything. They are magic.

4. This guy who saved another man's life by jumping onto the train tracks and covering him with his body

CBS News on YouTube

That is a different human level of fearless. Clearly a Gryffindor if there ever were one.

5. The annual No Pants Subway Ride

New York Daily News on YouTube

Because DUH. Full disclosure, I moved here a month ago and have been strategizing for next January's No Pants day ever since.

6. This man twerking in a bee costume

Amazing and Funny Videos on YouTube

Life goals.

7. This subway jam session that ended in a PROPOSAL

Andrew Teng on YouTube

BOOM. The couple that commutes together, stays together.