This Returning Soldier Dad Surprised His Son With A Photobomb In The Most Adorable School Picture Ever — VIDEO

Who isn't a proponent of photobombing? The ancient art has given us so many cultural gems, particularly from photobombing masters Tom Hanks and Benedict Cumberbatch. That being said, very few of those images will make you want to bawl quite like this returning soldier dad who photobombed his son in a school picture. Joshua Bass, a third grader, had no idea that when the school photographer was snapping up his (rather dapper) picture, his father Corporal James Bass was lurking behind him the whole time. And I've just gotta say, as far as hilarious photobombs go, the elder Bass is so practiced that he should basically be giving lessons to photobomb amateurs on the internet everywhere.

Bass had been in Kuwait for a year before returning to his hometown of Durham, N.C. this past week, according to ABC11. We've seen some clever and adorable surprise soldier homecomings before, but I feel like this one just reached a whole new level of creativity, and I'm dying to see the behind-the-scenes on this. How hard was it to sneak an entire James Bass into the school gym in uniform? So many humans must have worked together to make this magic happen, so yeah, that is your icy cold heart turning into putty in your chest right now.

Here were all of the most winning moments of the reunion:

James photobombing with enviable flair


Joshua being justifiably confused by the picture he was looking at


The realization




Two important questions I still have: Is that the photo that gets to be in the yearbook? (Please say yes.) Also, did Joshua get the rest of the day off after that? These two clearly have some very important photobombing to do in all over Durham, STAT.

Here's the full video that is about to make you extremely and publicly emotional:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(5)