11 Times Rachel McAdams Made You Hella Emotional, Because Her Roles Run The Full Gamut

Some actors cannot escape the Hollywood quicksand that is type casting. They give a role its due justice one time and from then on out, it’s what everyone assumes is their only talent. Fortunately, Rachel McAdams is not one of those stymied actors. No, Rachel McAdams has served up so many different roles in her impressive career that we’ve gotten the opportunity to see nearly all sides of her. And she probably has no idea how many different sides of her fans she has evoked, as well. What I’m trying to say here is, McAdams, you continue to absolutely slay us.

It can be no easy feat to tap in to the human psyche in such a true, gritty way. But, alas, she’s done it. Acting is one of those professions where you’re warned not to take the job home with you, and while McAdams may be able to separate herself from the sentimentality of her work, that doesn’t mean that we can. The actress has effectively made fans into both hopeless romantics and bitter cynics, and we’re left with her emotional baggage long after the credits roll.

So, in honor of our unending sympathy with McAdams, here are all those times she took us hostage and made us run through the gamut of emotions with her.

When she validated our misanthropy

If she can portray a loving misanthrope we can't be all that bad, right?

And caused us to feel immense shame

Alright, OK, jeez, don't look at me like that...

When she scared the crap out of us

But like, in a good way. He totally had it coming.

When she happily skinny dipped with Channing Tatum and made us burn with envy

CC: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, you too.

When she somehow got us to pity the Regina George

We've all been there, Regina.

When we hurt for her and with her

Her eyes, they're just so... sad.

When we tandem jumped with her into a pit of despair

*Sobs* *Heaves* *Blows Nose Loudly*

When she sassed it up and made us all feel hella cool

Is sass an emotion? Because it's all I feel watching Allie serve up some epic swag to Noah.

When she made us all fall in love with Ryan Gosling with her pained look of longing


When we shared in her joy with something as simple as this

Best wedding night, ever.

And, most importantly, when she put us in a position to love to hate the most evil of all creatures

Which made us lose all faith and trust in humanity as a whole.

Images: Giphy (10); rachelmcadamsgif/Tumblr; gooddaysarehere/Tumblr