How To Dress Like You're A Sofia Coppola Character

Sofia Coppola's cinematography style is so incredibly beautiful and has amassed a following of fans the world over. So without further ado, I'm going to demonstrate how you can steal the fashion of Sofia Coppola movies so that you can show your love for Ms. Coppola's movies while being super on trend for spring/summer 2015. For me, Coppola's films are delightful, bewitchingly exquisite masterpieces that ensnare the audience's senses and emotions. Her clever use of color palettes, camera techniques, and perfect soundtracks make for an impeccable recipe that even Marie Antoinette herself would find delectable.

Instead of the general dreamy, Coppola aesthetic, I'm going to show you how to channel specific Coppola characters. So I've broken this style cheat sheet down into easily digestible segments to help you pinpoint the exact style of your favorite leading ladies. Perhaps you're a fan of Marie Antoinette and her intricate, embellished, pastel gowns? Maybe Lux Lisbon and her sisters' simple, feminine style is more your cup of tea? Or perhaps you favor Nicki Moore's sassy, summery, Hollywood glamour? Whichever Sofia Coppola character's style you choose to channel, you can be sure that their signature looks will fit nicely into spring/summer 2015's trends. So you can have your fashion cake and eat it too.

Marie Antoinette

As you can see, this look worn by actress Kirsten Dunst (one of Sofia Coppola's most beloved leading ladies) screams full-on luxury. But what more could we expect from one of history's most extravagant teen queens? Coppola waved her magic wand on the Marie Antoinette set and of course, some of her fairy dust landed on the incredible costumes. Now I'm not by any means encouraging you all to go out flaunting a huge dress complete with layer upon layer of intricate undergarments. Instead, garner inspiration from the details.

Elle U.K. reported on this season's top trends, showcasing a new trend "The Light Romantic," which includes muted pastel shades will "come into their own" during summer. Thus Marie Antoinette-inspired, feminine, pastel-colored garments are bang on trend right now. Why not combine two Marie Antoinette-inspired fashions into one outfit?

ASOS Playsuit in Pastel Lace, ASOS

This ASOS Playsuit in Pastel Lace combines two of Ms. Antoinette's favorite looks together: pastels and lace.

AJ Morgan Ulta Pastel Round Sunglasses, ASOS

These lilac, AJ Morgan Ulta Pastel Round Sunglasses at ASOS will go nicely with other pastel garments, proving that layering pastel shade on pastel shade, á la Marie Antoinette, is super pretty!

ASOS Premium Mongolian Collar, ASOS

Add a touch of regal luxury to your outfits with this fabulous ASOS Premium Mongolian Collar. This fluffy, wool collar would make a great alternative to a jacket on a cool, summer evening.

Faith Garden Shoes, ASOS

If you're channeling Marie Antoinette, you have to wear a pair of embellished pastel shoes. This pointed pair by Faith Garden at ASOS tick all the boxes.

The Lisbon Sisters From The Virgin Suicides

The key to the Lisbon sisters' look is "white from head to toe." One of their key looks in The Virgin Suicides consisted of them all wearing virginal white dresses to prom, which had been altered by their mother to include more fabric. Throughout the movie, it is clear the girls want to embrace their sexuality and be free to experiment but they are caged in by their overprotective mom.

This trend of wearing white all over has been reported by several fashion mags this season. Glamour even informed readers that one of "spring's most wearable fashion trends" is "Head-to-Toe White," which suits the Lisbon girls perfectly.

ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress with Daisy Appliqués, ASOS

This ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress with Daisy Appliqués would be perfect to wear to channel the Lisbon sisters. Not only is it completely white and of an appropriate length, but it is appliquéd with daisies. Daisies are linked to The Virgin Suicides not only for the common appearance of flowers throughout the movie but also because Sofia Coppola directed Marc Jacobs' Daisy campaign which had underlying, aesthetic nods to the movie.

ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress with Daisy Appliqués, ASOS

If you fancy something a little shorter, then this Little White Lies Off Shoulder Dress In Spot at ASOS would suit a Lisbon sister perfectly. It has a sweet, childlike vibe and in the best possible way, a feel of a night gown.

ASOS Rose and Chain Headband, ASOS

As previously mentioned, there is quite a floral theme going on in The Virgin Suicides. Thus I think this ASOS Rose and Chain Headband would finish off a Lisbon sister-inspired outfit perfectly.

Nicki Moore From The Bling Ring

Nicki Moore is the mischievous good girl gone bad of The Bling Ring. This movie was based on real life events of celebrity burglaries located in Hollywood and the character of Nicki, played by Emma Watson, is based on the real life Bling Ring burglar Alexis Neiers. Obviously Miss Moore has heaps of style, which she literally stole from her favorite celebs.

OTT ASOS Faux Fur Cape, ASOS

This completely OTT ASOS Faux Fur Cape would suit Miss Moore down to the ground. Similar in style to the one she is seen sporting at Paris Hilton's house, this cape screams luxury.

ASOS bandage dress, ASOS

This fuschia ASOS bandage dress is shockingly pink and similar to one Nicki sports in a club while taking selfies with her friends. Not one to be shy or flaunt her ass-ets, Moore is a flirty and feisty little firecracker as seen below.

Just a little aside here, did anyone else love Emma Watson in a "bad girl" role? I thought she was fabulous!

Blank NYC Denim Vest, ASOS

This Blank NYC Denim Vest at ASOS brings back memories of Nicki wearing a similar denim waistcoat and asking for style advice as she pairs it with hardly anything else. She's such a rebel and I love it.

Charlotte From Lost In Translation

The most stand-out item in Charlotte's wardrobe was her pink wig. However, it seems that actually dyeing your hair pink is all the rage now — who knew that Charlotte was a major fashion forecaster? Kylie Jenner has dyed her hair pink and if it's good enough for Kylie, it's good enough for me! That being said, if you're not quite brave enough, you can always rock a wig like Charlotte and maybe pick a more modern style like this one from Etsy.

Pink Wig, Etsy

Whichever of Sofia Coppola's leading ladies you decide to channel this season, you're sure to look a complete fashion dream.

Images: American Zoetrope; NALA Films; Pathé Distribution; StudioCanal; TOBIS Film; Tohokushinsha Film; Courtesy Brands; GiphySOSA