Rihanna Was A Bridesmaid At A 4/20 Wedding Which Is Almost Too Perfect For Words — PHOTO

If you were to get married on April 20 (aka weed's birthday), who would be your dream bridesmaids? Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are on the list, obvs. Lady Gaga seems like she's be a fun addition, as well. And of course, a blunt-rockin' bridal party wouldn't be complete without Rihanna. Well, if you can believe it, that exact dream came true for one lucky friend of Rih Rih. Rihanna was a bridesmaid at a 4/20 wedding, which is almost too perfect for words. This fact, however, will not prevent me from using words to describe its divine perfection.

On Monday, Rihanna shared a series of fun-loving pictures from the wedding of her friend and assistant, Jennifer Rosales. Rosales married boyfriend Aaron Davis in Hawaii on April 20, and Rihanna posted a series of pictures from the event that didn't disappoint. Like the resplendent stoner goddess she is, she managed to look gorgeous but still keep things chill. She wore a lilac gown and accessorized it with what appeared to be a happy little joint. Also, she was extremely sentimental and reflective, as jolly high people tend to be. Not to mention, she was a delightful ham. All in all, she seemed to live up to our high expectations (pun absolutely intended).

Here are all the reasons that Rihanna made a perfect 4/20 bridesmaid.

It wasn't beyond her to get all sweet

Rihanna posted the above wedding collage video, featuring these enthusiastic and love-laden words: "I'm so happy and so proud to see my big sis @jennnrosales and my big bro @the_aa become one today!!! A wedding is a celebration of a marriage!!!" She said, That's what we gon do!!! Celebrate the marriage that we've been lucky enough to witness grow and evolve for all these years!!!!" Gaw... They love you too, Rih.

She was the "fun bridesmaid"

Prior to the ceremony, Rosales took some time to ham it up with Rihanna. As the designated "fun bridesmaid," Rihanna rocked some socks with flair, and a what looks like a joint. Even during group picture time, Rihanna didn't lose her fun bridesmaid swagger.

So silly!!

She probably brought snacks

Judging from the above video of Rihanna raiding a convenience store for munchies a few days prior to the wedding, I'm guessing that she was well-equipped with glorious junk food. Snacks: always important.