7 'Arrow' Season 3 Spoilers To Get You More Excited For The Final Episodes, If That's Even Possible

We are four episodes away from the end of Arrow Season 3, and things are getting real. While the series' final episodes have always been heart-pounding and tense, this season is taking it to the next freaking level. First Roy left Starling City (thankfully alive and in one piece), then all sanity flew out the window as Ra's al Ghul stabbed Thea through the chest, possibly ending her life — and at the very least giving her and Oliver matching chest-wound scars. So, yeah it's been a stressful few days in Starling City (not to mention my living room) and we're not even close to done. There are a whole lot of directions this story could go from here, and lucky for mega-fans like us there are also a whole lot of Arrow Season 3 spoilers floating around about what's to come over the next four weeks.

If you're anything like me (obsessed with Arrow and want to know everything about everything), you'll be happy to hear that the spoilers have been coming fast and furious lately. We've got a lot more twists coming and some pretty serious Season 4 set-ups headed our way. To make things a little easier for you, I have gathered the seven juiciest, most anxiety-inducing Season 3 spoilers out there, collected in one handy place.

We'll Have Another Wedding

Move over Digg and Lyla, you're not going to be the only ones getting hitched this season. Showrunner Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that an Arrow wedding could occur again this season, though he's not naming who will tie the knot. My current working theory (that you're not allowed to hold me to) is that it will be none other than Oliver and Nyssa. This of course would be some sort of scheme to have her take over running the League of Assasins. This is mostly because I don't think we'd get an Olicity wedding this soon, which reminds me...

Oliver & Felicity Will Get Down

You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've seen the gifs (maybe a few hundred times). But after this season of extreme angst I'll take any chance I can get to remind you that this hotness. is. happening. Oh, and according to TV Line we'll also get a cute, Felicity and Oliver morning after scene as well. Our Olicity cup runneth over!

The Arrow Cave Is Out Of Commission

Thanks a lot, Detective Lance. First the fern, now the club have been taken out of the Arrow rotation. Marc Guggenheim told ET Online that Palmer Technologies will be the new Arrow base, though we will get a peek of the cave in the episode "Al-Sahim."

Roy Is Coming Back

You didn't really think we'd seen the last of him, did you? Roy and his signature red hoodie will return to Starling City, if only to give us some much needed Roy-Thea closure. Here's what Marc Guggenheim revealed to ET Online:

The thing we felt we owed the audience more than anything was some closure with Thea because [of] the circumstances under which Thea is in...Certainly we owed the audience some closure for this three season-long love story between these two characters.

It's Felicity vs. Ra's al Ghul

In a showdown for the ages, Felicity will go head to (ahem) demon's head with Ra's al Ghul, according to that same TV Line article and the repercussions seem to be lasting. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm holding my breath that she doesn't get a sword through the chest as well. Because, Arrow just can't do that to us.

Malcolm Votes No On The Lazarus Pit

You'd think Thea's father would be all-in on any plans that could save her life, but according to TV Line, Malcom is very much against using the pit. Even though he's never been father of the year, I am more than a little scared on anything that Malcolm Merlyn thinks is too dangerous.

Evil Oliver Will Make An Appearance

Is it weird that I'm almost the most excited about this one? Stephen Amell tweeted the following after last weeks episode:

Could this have anything to do with the wedding? Thea's well being? Honestly, I don't really care, I am so very down to see Oliver in full blown bad-boy mode. Bring on the last four episodes!

Images: Cate Cameron (5), Katie Yu/The CW; mainlyarrow, ianowa/Tumblr