7 Underrated Jennifer Aniston Roles Prove The Actress Is Way More Than Just 'Friends'

Although many actors have used movies to change up their images, few have done so as successfully as Jennifer Aniston has in recent years. The superstar, best known for her iconic role on Friends, spent most of her career as "America's Sweetheart," appearing in rom-coms, date movies, and more lighthearted fare that didn't show off a range as much as remind audiences of her likability. It seemed she was destined to spend the rest of her time in Hollywood in forgettable, B-list films — and then came Cake , the movie that changed everything .

With Cake, Aniston, who played a woman suffering from chronic pain in the film, got to show off her dramatic acting chops and become, in her words, "the number one snub" for the Oscars. In addition, the movie also got audiences wondering: what else is Aniston capable of? Sure, most people knew that she was hilarious in Horrible Bosses, and of course they knew how great she was on Friends, but many fans missed out on Aniston's other parts, many of which proved her capabilities as an actress long before Cake came into the picture. It's unfortunate they did; Aniston's a majorly talented actress, and she's been showing off her skills for years. Below, seven of the actress' most underrated roles:

Rock Star

Back in 2011, Aniston and Mark Wahlberg co-starred in Rock Star, a dramedy about an up-and-coming musician given the opportunity of a lifetime. Although the movie received mixed reviews, Aniston's performance was highly praised, with outlets like The New York Times admiring her ability to "liven up an underwritten role."

Marley & Me

Most people only remember Marley & Me as the movie where the dog dies, but it's also notable for giving Aniston some of the best reviews of her career. Critics hailed her comic timing and her on-screen likability, praising her ability to give a sappy movie true emotional depth.

30 Rock

Aniston received an Emmy nomination for her role as Claire, a woman obsessed with Jack (Alec Baldwin). The actress deserved the praise, acing the part through a perfect mix of creepiness and charm.

Bruce Almighty

It'd be a difficult task for any actor to keep up with Jim Carrey's on-screen craziness, but Aniston managed to do it with ease. Up against a comedic great, she more than held her own in Bruce Almighty, becoming one of the film's most watchable characters.

The Good Girl

Before Cake, there was The Good Girl , Aniston's first major foray into drama. Released back in 2002, the film starred Aniston as a small-town employee unhappy with life, and it garnered the actress rave reviews. It's considered the role that broke her out of her Friends image, and it earned her an Indie Spirit nomination for Best Actress.

He's Just Not That Into You

The 2009 rom-com ensemble featured practically every A-list actor in Hollywood, yet it was Aniston who stood out. As Beth, a woman exasperated with her boyfriend's unwillingness to get married, the actress stole every scene she was in.


Wanderlust is not a perfect movie, but Aniston's performance was pretty much flawless. She was hilarious as Linda, a New Yorker who, along with her husband (Paul Rudd), moved to a hippie commune, showing off the great comedic skills that made her so loved on Friends.

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