Would You Get Married In A White Jumpsuit?

Okay, you might not want to get married in a cloud of white tulle — but would you choose a white jumpsuit for your wedding? While J. Crew is trying to make "wedding shorts" happen, Calypso St. Barth launched a gauzy, dreamy alternative wedding collection. The line is full of perfect pieces for a summer wedding, featuring the aforementioned wedding jumpsuit in white and pink. Named Mariée, the collection also features an embellished loose cardigan-style jacket, silk pants, and a blue and white chiffon "petal" dress alongside embellished, boho-chic maxi dresses in ivories and blues. It's proof that you don't need to have a "theme" or be rockabilly or twee to have an alternative gown.

The brand told Who What Wear that it designed the collection with a "barefoot beach wedding" in mind, and each piece is handcrafted and limited edition. Considering as much, the line is surprisingly affordable by wedding industry standards with most items falling under $1,000 and nothing over $2,000.

The collection is rounded out with come gorgeous jewelry and subtle, feminine lingerie. While some of the pieces are probably a bit much for your average bride, like the eyelet embroidered linen pant, most of these dresses wouldn't look out of place at your average Millennial wedding. Yep, because Jessa's wedding on GIRLS is not the only occasion to rock something a bit off-the-wall.

Evida Lace Dress, $795,

Alvarita Stretch Silk Pant, $350,

Jovet Silk Metallic Jumpsuit, $850,

With pretty much literally every clothing item under the sun now coming in a "wedding" version, the choices can be overwhelming. Especially when you weren't even considering a jumpsuit in the first place! So how do you know if it's right for you or if you just think it's cool? Here are seven reasons to choose a wedding jumpsuit:

1. Slip It On And Go

It's one piece, without complicated lace-up panels or zippers. No assistance or entourage required, it's the most low key thing to slip on.

2. Don't Worry About Anything Blowing Or Riding Up

Seriously, your pants are on your legs and your underwear is definitely concealed. You can add straps to the top to prevent it from falling down. Wardrobe malfunction-proof!

3. It's Probably Still Easier To Go To The Bathroom In

Yes, you have to get practically naked to use the washroom in a jumpsuit, but it's still probably easier than having to wrangle 200 layers of tulle.

4. It's Just So You

You can't imagine yourself getting married in a traditional gown and you've been known to rock a jumpsuit now and again. When you bounce the idea off of a few friends, they don't flinch. It's totally on-brand and in-character for you. Whey you try one on, it just feel right. Do it!

5. Dancing Is Gonna Be Way More Fun

Not tripping over your dress? Check. Not having your legs weighted down by a heavy dress or crinoline? Check. The whole point of your wedding being able to celebrate love with your friends and family? Yes.

6. You Might Just Wear It Again

Part of the appeal of a jumpsuit is that you can easily dress it up or dress it down, unlike a gown, and with some finesse, you can style it for another formal event.

7. It's Adjustable

You don't have to worry about 100 fittings to tailor the million different aspects: The waist is adjustable. Save money and time without having to worry about your weight fluctuating by 10 pounds. All I can see are wins here!Images: Courtesy Calypso St. Barth; Giphy