The 12 Best High Movies To Watch Stoned On Netflix Instant, By Each (Very Specific) Mood

So, not to brag or anything, but I'm kind of an expert on this topic. I've spent more time watching movies high on Netflix than I should probably admit, but here's the thing: watching movies stoned can often be an excellent alternative to going out and getting drunk at a bar. Ain't no shame.

The only problem? The curse of having too many choices can be even more oppressive when you're high. How are you supposed to pick from "Your List" stoned when you can't even do it sober? And how do you know which movie is going to really suit that specific mood you're even more attuned to now?

Not to worry, my extensive field research (based entirely on my taste, granted) has you covered.

I know I've had plenty of laughs — and feelings processed — thanks to these picks below. I'd recommend each of these movies streaming on Netflix, whether you're high or not. But these flicks are especially poignant, shall we say, if you find yourself with a little buzz. May you feel all the feelings. (Oh, and don't worry — my list of the best shows to watch high is coming soon.)

When You Just Want To Relive Your Childhood: Mulan

xFliiy on YouTube

Why it's extra good: It's hard to pick just one animated gem, but this is by far the most solid childhood-nostalgia option streaming on Netflix. I mean, you're going to sing along. And you're going to tear up when she climbs the damn poll at the end of that montage. Just roll with it.

Stream Mulan here.

When You Want To Think ... But Not Too Hard: American Beauty

Why it's extra good: The first time I saw American Beauty, it blew my damn mind. I was also 14; which should give you a good idea of about how hard it makes you think.

This movie will make you feel range of feelings — from amused to horny to profound — only in small, comfortable doses. You'll think about that plastic bag being beautiful, but you're probably not going to flip your sh*t or anything, which is totally great for this stoned mood.

Stream American Beauty here.

When You Just Want Some Comfort: Clueless

Why it's extra good: Look, you already know all the words, and you know exactly what you're getting. This is comfort food for the soul, and if it was good enough for you to watch every weekend in middle school, you can best believe it's still going to hit all the spots now. Plus, the scene where they pass a doobie is going to be even more hilarious now.

Stream Clueless here.

When You Want To Watch Something Beautiful: Frida

Why it's extra good: This is just a great movie. It has the appreciation for romance and surrealism of a foreign film, without the subtitles (which can be annoying when you're high).

It's also just beautiful. Remember those scenes when Frida turns into paintings? Or how about Selma Hayek's naked body? That hip-to-waist ratio is INSANE. I can't decide if it's making or killing my buzz.

Stream Frida here.

When You Ate An Edible: Fantasia 2000

Why it's extra good: Look, if you just ate an edible, you're just going to want to look at something cool, and maybe nostalgic ... without much of a plot. This hits both spots, especially if you've got a big screen.

Stream Fantasia 2000 here.

When You Want An Actually-Romantic Indie: Beginners

hollywoodstreams on YouTube

Why it's extra good: God, this movie is SO GOOD. Why wasn't it more of a hit? It's got a winning cast and script, and it is really touching. I didn't honestly get the Ewan McGregor thing until I saw him rock a flawless American accent in this movie. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Stream Beginners here.

When You Want A (Slightly) Cyncial Indie Romance: Take This Waltz

Why it's extra good: Once again, I'm really not sure why this wasn't a bigger hit. It has an awesome, awesome script and amazingly hot chemistry between Luke Kirby and Michelle Williams. This movie will make you think in all kinds of ways about longterm relationships and desire, and you won't even realize you're being schooled until it's through.

Stream Take This Waltz here.

When You Just Need A Good Cry: Good Will Hunting

Why it's extra good: Two words: Robin Williams. This movie holds up, and is easy to follow and feel all the feelings to when you're high. Get ready for some catharsis.

Stream Good Will Hunting here.

When You Want To Watch Beautiful Men With British Accents: Weekend


Why it's extra good: This one also made our list of the hottest movies on Netflix. This is just a beautifully done movie, acted by two beautiful men. And if you don't imagine you could get into a romantic movie about gay guys, then this is going to blow your mind wide open.

Stream Weekend here.

When You Want To Have A Crazy, Dark Trip: Melancholia

triviatrailers on YouTube

Why it's extra good: Warning: this is not a suggestion for those who fear bad trips. I watched this high at 22 when I had just moved back home after college, and when the final scene happened, I literally crawled into bed with my mom because I was so afraid. Jesus, did this movie scare me.

Stream Melancholia here.

When You Just Want To Fast Forward To A Sex Scene: Blue Is The Warmest Color

Why it's extra good: Let's be real, sometimes you're just high and horny, and really don't want to delve into the scary wide world of YouPorn. I've been there. Luckily, the seven minute sex scene from Blue Is The Warmest Color is there for you.

It's also a really good movie. If you can deal with subtitles high, you won't be disappointed with watching the whole thing.

Stream Blue Is The Warmest Color here.

When You Want To Trip On Feminism: Sexy Baby

Jill Bauer on YouTube

Why it's extra good: This doc follows three women: a teen girl, a stripper, and a woman getting a labiaplasty. It is a moving, enraging, and energizing depiction of modern day femininity that doesn't feel like taking your documentary medicine. Everyone should watch it, high or not.

Stream Sexy Baby here.

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