Who Is Rihanna's "James Joint" About? The Lyrics Are Part Mysterious, Part Literal

Oh, Rihanna. You sure know how to spice up a girl's day. Just when it felt like the middle of yet another ordinary 24-hour cycle, Rihanna teased “James Joint,” an interlude off her upcoming album R8. The “FourFiveSeconds” singer shared the music on her website with the caption, “In celebration of 420, here's an interlude from my 8th studio album that I call James Joint.” Although it’s not a full track, the minute and 12 seconds that “James Joint” lasts still manages to provide an awakening jolt that that will have you crying aloud to no one in particular, "Where is the album Rih Rih?!"

Well, if the fact that Rihanna can’t hear you doesn’t calm you down, maybe the song’s laid-back, soothing effect will do the trick.

Now if you go strictly by her caption, then it’s safe to say “James Joint” is Rihanna’s way of musically declaring her love of smoking weed and her push to have 4/20, National Weed Day acknowledged for the rest of this week. But since I’ve given it a few listens, here’s what I’ve gathered: it doesn’t sound anything like its R8 predecessors, and it also gives off a totally ‘90s romantic vibe that makes me want to believe the song could have multiple meanings. She could be totally enthralled with the feeling smoking gives her, or perhaps she’s expressing her feelings for a certain individual.

"I'd rather be smoking weed, whenever we breathe/Every time you kiss me"

OK, I'll take her word for it. This line is clearly about smoking. But I'm not giving up on my romance theory just yet.

"Don't say that you miss me/Just come get me"

See what I mean?! This could be her subtle request for a dude who likes her to step up his came. Like dude. C'mon mysterious guy—when Rihanna beckons, you come. Oh, and don't forget your lighter.

"Don't know why, just know I want to/Don't know why, just know I want you"

This is clearly the sign of a woman in love. And yes, Rihanna, love is way too complicated.

"I'd rather be breaking things 'cause we can't see/We're too busy kissing"

Fine. Weed wins again.

"Just making scenes, here come the police/they know 'bout your history"

I'm, um, beginning to detect a theme here...

"How you live and love like 'f-ck you'/Don't care why, just know I love you"

Seriously... the wink, Rih?! That totally destroys my guy theory.

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