Will Roy Return to 'Arrow'? Season 3 Left The Door Wide Open For Arsenal To Return

In case you're wondering, no, I'm still not over the fact that Roy Harper has left Starling City. I guess we should have seen this coming. Ever since Roy found out that he killed a police officer under the influence of mirakuru, he's had his heart set on repenting for that horrible act. Saving Oliver was part one of that goal. Now for the second part, he's left Team Arrow to set off on his own. Thankfully, though, the door to the Arrow Cave is always open if Roy wants to return to Arrow .

At the end of last week's episode, Roy headed off to parts unknown to "start a new life." He's probably not going to Central City, and he's probably not going to Gotham City, he doesn't even have to stick to a DC Comics city (in the comics, Oliver actually moves to Seattle). I guess all we really need to know is that he has a good head on his shoulders, and he's not going anywhere looking for trouble. He's looking to start anew.

But he's not gone forever. Executive producer Greg Berlanti explained to BuzzFeed that actor Colton Haynes "said he wanted to be able to come back at any time and we felt the same way." The way they left his departure was incredibly open-ended, making it possible for Roy to come back for an episode or an entire season season. According to Zap2It, Roy will appear one more time this season, in the May 6 episode "This Is Your Sword," which will serve to give Thea some "closure." Sadly, right now Thea thinks Roy is dead (but then again, we think Thea's dead right now too so...).

For now though, everyone behind Arrow just seems happy they had Haynes for as long as they did. “He was such a wonderful element as a character and a person," Berlanti told BuzzFeed. "It was super sad, but everybody kinda looked at each other and realized that he’s at the start of, what I’m sure will be, an incredibly incredibly impressive career. It’s great that he gets to go on and have that and we got to have him while we did.”

While I continue to be very upset about his departure from Starling City, I am really most concerned with how Emily Bett Rickards, aka Felicity, aka Haynes' real life BFF is handling this news. I'm honestly nervous their Instagram game will suffer if Haynes isn't in Vancouver all the time anymore.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW