Why Did Terra Jole Name Her Daughter Penelope Charlevoix? The 'Little Women: LA' Star Had A Very Sweet Reason

After her surprise pregnancy, documented on both Little Women: LA and Little Women: Terra's Little Family, reality star/singer Terra Jole named her daughter Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo, and all three names were chosen for particular reasons, adding up to a very nice tribute to her family and her relationship. The last name, Gnoffo, is Joe's — a testament to the fact that Joe is going to be present all the time in Penelope's life and that Joe and Terra are getting married soon.

The middle name, Charlevoix, was Terra's familial tribute. It's the name of a town in Michigan where her grandfather was an important local figure. Terra grew up in Texas, but she says she traveled to Charlevoix often, and it's an important part of her heritage. In her birth announcement in People , she explained, "My family grew up there. Joe and I vacationed there this summer, and my grandfather has an amphitheater named after him in downtown Charlevoix – Clarence Odmark. Honestly, it's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited." That heritage is now immortalized as a part of Penelope's name. And where did Penelope come from? On the show, we've seen Joe championing the name, but other than calling it "adorable," he didn't give much more reason why he preferred Penelope so much. It seems like he just likes the name, or they've decided to keep their reasons a little private.

A few episodes ago, fellow Little Women: LA stars Tonya and Traci started chiming in, but their picks, Jade and Sapphire, clearly did not happen. Sorry, ladies.

This discussion has been going on since the very first episode of Terra's spinoff. Since the beginning, Terra has been hoping that she would be able to use Charlevoix as a first name for a boy, but when she gave birth to a girl, decided to use it as a middle name instead.

Everyone that Terra and Joe asked about the name Charlevoix was skeptical, but I think it works fantastically as a middle name. Penelope gets to have it as a tribute to her family history, but won't have to constantly remind people how to spell or pronounce it properly upon meeting them. But Joe's proposed nickname for his daughter had to be a joke, right? PeePee? Let's just hope that they stick with Penny instead.

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