Joshua Davis Wins America's Save In 'The Voice' Bottom 3 Proving That Being A Folk Singer Isn't A Disadvantage

The Voice save is one of the most dramatic occurrences on television every week and tonight did not disappoint. Okay, so maybe not THE most dramatic occurrence, but it can definitely get pretty emotional. Tonight was definitely one of the more emotional weeks for The Voice save, as we had to send home two incredibly talented performers. Rob Taylor, Joshua Davis, and Deanna Johnson all landed in the bottom three and had to sing for their lives on the show. Though it was a tough battle, the strongest definitely prevailed. Joshua Davis was saved by America's vote and he certainly deserved it.

Joshua Davis didn't land in the bottom three because he lacks talent, that's for sure. He was there because he represents a very limited genre — folk music. Davis' target audience doesn't make up a large population of the show's viewers, which will ultimately hurt him in this competition. This is a shame since he is one of the more seasoned talents left in this game and could have a very fruitful career. Even though his genre isn't too often in the mainstream, there's no denying that Davis' would sound amazing on the radio. His sound is crisp and he is incredibly easy to listen to. That sort of talent resonates to all fans of music, not just folk fans.

Davis' being saved tonight totally proves the point that his voice speaks (no pun intended) to music fans from all genres. I'm sure there are folk fans tuning in to the show, but there's no denying that the most represented fan bases are from the pop and country genres — which is why so many pop/country artists have won. The battle of the bottom three tonight was between a country artist, a pop/R&B artist, and a folk artist. We already know the folk artist won, which demonstrates how awesome Davis really is. Hopefully the voters can see that now and will keep him in for at least a few more weeks. And if his voice isn't enough, let's keep him in a little while longer just to see his new baby wearing those giant noise-canceling headphones for a few more weeks. Because really, I can't get enough of that adorableness.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC