8 Things To Know About Dating a Storyteller

by Christine Schoenwald

We all have endless amounts of stories to share simply because we're alive. Sh*t happens to us that we can't wait to tell other people about. We overshare, we rant, and we become addicted to our own verbal-selfies. Sometimes we tell stories to get out of work early, or to break the ice at a party; every day we master the art of storytelling. For some people though, telling stories to an audience is their way to express themselves artistically, and it can help them get book deals.

Personal narrative shows are huge right now, and there are so many different kinds such as adult show and tell shows( Mortified,) personal essay shows, and the most popular of all, the stand-at-the mic and tell your story show like The Moth. Almost every city has a bunch of them, and if there isn't one in your town, you have options such as listening to radio/podcast storytelling shows like Snap Judgement or This American Life or you can watching This is not happening on Comedy Central.

Storytelling is how stand-up comedy used to be—it's everywhere, and everyone thinks that they're amazing at it, but only a few people really seem to have a special talent for it.

Stories can be informative, dramatic, sad, happy, but no matter what kind of story they are, there have to be high stakes for the storyteller, or else there's no reason for their listeners to care.

Sometimes storytelling is funny people telling funny stories and can be confused with stand-up comedy but they are very different. Storytelling isn't a stand-up routine. People who tell stories are interesting, intelligent,and have a way of turning an every day occurrence into a spectacular event that you naturally want to hear more about.

It takes a special kind of person to be a storyteller, as they are both a writer and a performer, and they're someone who can speak directly about the human experience.They are over-sharers in the best possible way. Here's what you need to know about dating them.

1. Storytellers Are Open To Trying New Things

Everything has the potential to make a good story, so your storyteller is going to want to get out there and experience life. She'll do almost anything if it will make a good story. This can definitely work in your favor if you've always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon, or take a mule ride down the Grand Canyon.

2. Storytellers Are Honest

Nothing is more heart-wrenching or more hilarious than things that actually happen, and feelings that are deeply felt. A story works when the audience can relate to what the storyteller is telling them both verbally and physically. If a storyteller isn't really feeling it, it will affect how the audience reacts.

3. Everything Is Material For Stories

Unless you specifically state that something is off- limits expect it to be used on the page or on the stage, and then get ready to hear or see your life as story material. Be proud that your storyteller thinks that you're Storyworthy.

4. Emotions Are To Be Expressed

Your storyteller would rather have an emotional breakdown then calmly discuss a conflict that you're having together. Drama queens are way more interesting than someone in control of their feelings.

5. Storytellers Are Fascinated With Themselves

And why shouldn't they be, they've led super interesting lives. Storytellers enjoy their own stories which is a good thing because if you have a fantastic story, you're probably going to have to tell it again and again, while still making it feel fresh and exciting.

6. They Want You To Be Interesting Too

As much as every storyteller loves an audience, they don't want to experience their amazing life all alone, they want a partner with them to share their incredible adventures. You will always have something to talk about.

7. They're Funny

Storytellers have a real gift in being able to see the funny, where sometimes it isn't obvious. It's no surprise that many comics do storytelling shows right along with their regular comedy shows.

8. Storytellers Remember Everything

Specific details about the way her grandmother's cookies smelled right out of the oven, or the name of your waiter when the two of you had your first date, your storyteller can access those memories easily and she's happy to share them with you.

The ability to tell stories effectively and memorably has always been considered a valuable talent. When you're involved with a storyteller, you are with someone who truly understands what it means to be human. You'll never be bored if you're with a storyteller, and besides, who doesn't enjoy hearing a good love story, especially when it's their own.

Images: Pearl Pirie/Flickr; Giphy(8)

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