7 Places To Make Out In Public Before You Die, Because Your Sofa Is Getting Old

Some people have a bucket list for life. Go skydiving solo. Take a wild African safari. Dye your hair hot pink. Eat a cooked Brussel sprout. But there's one bucket list I think everyone should have; the most romantic places to kiss. Making out is pretty fun to begin with. But imagine how much more fun making out would be if you were doing it amid a beautiful vista. Or near a world famous monument. Or on a boat while getting sprayed with water. Think of all the magical mystical romanticalness that would take place. Birds would start singing, red roses would fall from the sky, and all would be well.

Time to pump pump pump up your make out game, girls! The sofa is fine after a hard day at work and all you want to do is chill with Netflix, wine, and a pillow/ significant other / life-like sex doll. However you can’t do that every day. You have to mix it up every now and then. So put some fire under your tuckus and start making out asap! I've compiled a list of the best places in the world (yep the whole world) to make out.

1. In front of the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)


You guys saw this one coming, didn't you? Rhetorical question. Anyway everyone has to got make out here once. This is Paris we're talking about! It's the most romantic city on the whole planet. People fall in love with each other just walking down the street. Love is to Paris what sewer smells are to NYC. Just make sure to get far enough away from the tourists but close enough so you can still feel like ol' Eiffel is still right there.

2. On top of the Empire State Building (New York, NY)


Calling all the rom-com lovers! Yep I'm talking to you. This is where magic happens. It's where Nickie and Terri agree to meet in An Affair to Remember (before she gets struck by a car), Sam meets Annie in Sleepless in Seattle, and it's where Danny finally told Mindy he loved her. Now you've got three different romantic comedies who've referenced the building! It's like a getting a blessing from a fairy godmother.

3. On a gondola ride (Venice, Italy)

Picture this: a warm starry night, the lights twinkling on the canals, you and your beloved cuddling in a gondola while an Italian man in a striped shirt rows you along. That's romance bishes! If the gondolier's name is Mario or Luigi, even better. Rumor has it if you kiss under the Bridge of Sighs you'll be guaranteed eternal love. Mamma mia!

4. Lover's Point Beach (Pacific Grove, California)

Imagine in you're in Cali watching the sunrise over the ocean. What you say?! But California faces west! Impossible! Ha! That's where you would be wrong. Due to a little piece of land off the coast that juts out west into the ocean (official term: isthmus) you can actually watch the sun rise over the ocean. So for all you romantic early birds, it's a win-win!

5. Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada and New York)

Believe it or not Niagara Falls used to be the honeymoon capital of the world. Also part of Superman was filmed here. In other words, making out here will make you feel like you've transported back in time. You can take a boat ride or visit one of the Cave of Winds where you can get real up close and personal with the falls. If you're lucky maybe you'll even get some of spray on your face.

6. Alley of the Kiss (Guanajuato, Mexico)

Legend has it that the two star-crossed lovers, Ana and Carlos, living on opposite sides of this alley were able to sneak kisses through their windows because the street was so narrow. Alas Ana's father already promised her to another man and when he found out he was furious they were continuing their shenanigans, he stabbed Ana in the heart. She died in Carlos's arms. The moral of the story? If you kiss on the third step of the alley you will have years of happiness. Perfect solution if your relationship is on the rocks!

7. At the Jersey Shore (New Jersey, Duh)

Yeah I said it. Look I know I might get a lot of flack for saying it, but the Jersey shore is pretty damn magical, (please do not bring up the cast of Jersey Shore. None of them are from NJ and it makes my brain hurt when people talk about them). The intoxicating smell of cotton candy mixed with pizza, the twinkly lights of the boardwalk behind you, the fresh smell of the sea, the sand in your toes, the bing of arcade games in the background, and the sweet sound of Bruce Springsteen wafting the background; what else do you need? Nothing ladies. Nada. Zilch.

Images: Getty (4); Sleeve Collar/Flickr; JimGain/Flickr; tumblr.com/hdi; Tony Fischer/Tumblr