The Starbucks Name Generator Will Spare You The Trouble Of Going All The Way To The Store To Get Your Name Butchered — PHOTOS

Everybody knows that half the fun of getting caffeinated in 2015 is seeing how spectacularly Starbucks messes up your name. But now, thanks to this Starbucks name generator called “What’s My Starbucks Name?”, you don’t even have to go to the store to see your name ridiculously botched. Hell, you can do it from the comfort of your own toilet seat. (If you're not surfing the web while you pee, you're not living your best life.)

Of course, this isn't the world's first attempt to unveil the mystery of Starbucks names: A popular video explained how to make up your own Starbucks name by replacing certain vowels with other vowels, along with all these other complicated song and dance moves. What's beautiful about this new generator, though, is that you don't have to waste the valuable energy brain parts to get your new name. You just type it in, and voilà! All of the awkward and none of the putting on pants and going to Starbucks.

We tested it out here to give you an idea of how it works. First we tried my name, which is Emma, and happens to be one of the best names ever, as evidenced by all the early millennium parents who jumped on my bandwagon and named so many of their bbs after me that Emma catapulted to the top of the baby name list.

Brace yourselves, y'all.

Accurate. Both because this actually happened to me, and because that cup clearly says "Evil". STARBUCKS IS ON TO ME.

Anyway, if you hit the "That's not what I ordered" button, you get to try again:

... My older brother's name, incidentally.

Because I have no life and am a huge dork, we compiled some fave fictional characters around the office and tried it on them as well. Behold the results of our shenanigans.

Leslie Knope

Captain Kirk

Hermione Granger


And because I couldn't resist ...

Idina Menzel

Benedict Cumberbatch

You can generate your own name here.

Images: Getty Images; What's My Starbucks Name (15)