7 Sandra Bullock Roles That Are As Beautiful As 'People's "Most Beautiful Woman" Of 2015

Sandra Bullock is as beautiful inside and out as the characters she has played. In their most recent issue, People Magazine has named Bullock People ’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2015, and I couldn't agree more. Not only is she one of Hollywood's most successful actresses, she also an inspirational person in general. "The people I find most beautiful are the ones who aren’t trying," she said in her cover interview, which is an inspirational attitude in and of itself.

For her, beauty is not about outward appearance. It's not about contouring your makeup or wearing designer clothes (like many celebs do today); it's about the little things that you do in your everyday life. In a world so obsessed with staying young and beautiful, Bullock chooses to see her wrinkles not as a sign of age, but as a sign of happiness. That's what makes her a truly beautiful person, inside and out.

Over the years, Bullock's movies have made me laugh and cry. Some of my favorite movies are Bullock movies. I don't know what it is, but I always have such a happy feeling after watching them. I think she brings such a glow to the screen that each character she portrays captivates the audience in a new way. Here are the World's Most Beautiful Woman's greatest roles and what makes each of them beautiful.

While You Were Sleeping

Even though the movie has been criticized for being a little creepy at times, Bullock's character is a generally sweet person. So she had a crush on a man she never talked to before (we've all been there). Let's not forget she also rescued him from an ongoing train and helped him to the hospital.

Hope Floats

I would argue that this movie is one of Bullock's strongest female characters to date. After her husband reveals that he has been unfaithful with her best friend (on a talk show no less), she packs up her things and heads to her hometown with her daughter to make a fresh start. As she adapts to single parenthood, she also struggles to rebuild her relationship with her eccentric mother, her sick father and her bitter daughter who blames her for her parent's breakup. But she always has hope for a better ending.

Miss Congeniality

Speaking of outer beauty, who could forget this tough FBI Special Agent turned pageant queen? One thing that makes this character beautiful is not her amazing makeover scene, but how she befriends the other girls and encourages them to be have fun and be happy. She also proves that anything boys can do, girls can do better.

The Lake House

Aside from this movie being an incredible love story, Bullock's character is beautiful because of how she puts others before herself. Not only is she a doctor who saves lives everyday, but she cares deeply for Alex (her love interest in the movie) so much that she is willing to wait to be with him. You have to watch the movie to understand what I mean!

The Proposal

Even though she seems like an evil boss who only cares for herself in the beginning, we learn throughout the movie that she actually has a really big heart. Her past has just made her stay away from loving someone. Her vulnerability throughout (and her hilarious scenes) make her such a beautiful character.

The Blind Side

This movie is amazing on its own, but, as always, Bullock brings a special light to it. Her character is amazing because she is able to see the potential in someone when no one else can. The way she encompasses such an unconditional love for her son is one of her best performances of her career.

The Heat

Not only is Bullock's character hilarious alongside Melissa McCarthy, but she also represents a strong woman in a male-dominated career. Her true beauty shines though when she is finally able to let go of her past and be who she is without caring.

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